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Qu'est-ce que penser/calculer?: Hobbes, Leibniz & Boole (1992)


Parrochia, Daniel (Author)


Publication Date: 1992
Physical Details: 127 pp.; notes

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Authors & Contributors
Barnouw, Jeffrey
Goldenbaum, Ursula
Hecht, Hartmut
Bernstein, Howard R.
Sacksteder, William
Breger, Herbert
British Journal for the History of Philosophy
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science
Rivista di Storia della Filosofia
Journal of the History of Philosophy
Journal of the History of Ideas
History of European Ideas
W. W. Norton & Co.
Walter de Gruyter
McGill University (Canada)
University of Chicago Press
Mechanism; mechanical philosophy
Hobbes, Thomas
Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm von
Boole, George
Descartes, René
Spinoza, Baruch
Newton, Isaac
Time Periods
17th century
Early modern
19th century
18th century
British Isles

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