Book ID: CBB000048318

“Most of the good stuff”: Memories of Richard Feynman (1993)


American Institute of Physics

Publication Date: 1993
Edition Details: Editors: Lauri M. Brown, Rigden, John S..
Physical Details: vi + 181 pp.; illus.; notes; bibl.

Description Contents: Brown, Laurie M., Rigden, John S.: Introduction. Wheeler, John Archibald: The young Feynman. Bethe, Hans Albrecht: Feynman in Los Alamos and Cornell. Dyson, Freeman J.: Feynman at Cornell. Brown, Laurie M.: To have been a student of Richard Feynman. Schwinger, Julian: A path to quantum electrodynamics. Gell-Mann, Murray: Dick Feynman--The guy in the office down the hall. Bjorken, James D.: Feynman and partons. Pines, David: Richard Feynman and condensed matter physics. Goodstein, David L.: Richard P. Feynman, Teacher. Cohen, Michael: It never passed him by. Goldberger, Marvin L.: Reflections of Dick Feynman as an acolyte and as his boss. Hillis, W. Daniel: Richard Feynman and the connection machine. Rigden, John S.: Richard Feynman at La Cañada High School: Feynman's last public performance. Telegdi, Valentine L.: A. Lowbrow's view of Feynman. Feynman, Joan: R.P. Feynman: The beginnings of a teacher. BIBLIOGRAPHY of Richard P. Feynman.

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Authors & Contributors
Kaiser, David Isaac
Wüthrich, Adrian
Leighton, Ralph
Feynman, Richard Phillips
Leite Lopes, J.
Aronson, Jerrold L.
Perspectives on Science
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics
Physics in Perspective
Dialectica: International Review of Philosophy of Knowledge
Social Studies of Science
Warner Books
Basic Books
Visual representation; visual communication
Quantum mechanics
Feynman, Richard Phillips
Wheeler, John Archibald
Kinsey, Alfred C.
Kamerlingh Onnes, Heike
Bohm, David Joseph
Fermi, Enrico
North America: United States; Canada
United States
Soviet Union
20th century
20th century, late
European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
University of Chicago
United States. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

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