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Beyond reason: Essays on the philosophy of Paul Feyerabend (1991)


Munévar, Gonzalo (Editor)

Kluwer Academic

Publication Date: 1991
Physical Details: xxi + 535 pp.; notes; index

Description Contents: Munévar, Gonzalo: Introduction. Churchland, Paul M.: A deeper unity: Some Feyerabendian themes in neurocomputational form. Wartofsky, Marx W.: How to be a good realist. Hooker, C.A.: Between formalism and anarchism: A reasonable middle way. Hannay, Alastair: Free of prejudice and wholly critical. Hacking, Ian: Speculation, calculation and the creation of phenomena. Kekes, John: Reason and practice. Munévar, Gonzalo: Science in Feyerabend's free society. Brentano, Margherita von: Letter to an antiliberal liberal. Diederich, Werner: Obituary on the “anarchist” Paul Feyerabend. Koertge, Noretta: Ideology, science and a free society. Musgrave, Alan: The myth of astronomical instrumentalism. Andersson, Gunnar: Feyerabend on falsifications, Galileo, and Lady Reason. Suppe, Frederick: The observational origins of Feyerabend's anarchistic epistemology. Perovich, Anthony N., Jr.: Incommensurability, its varieties and its ontological consequences. Worrall, John: Feyerabend and the facts. Ravetz, Jerome R.: Ideological commitments in the philosophy of science. Agassi, Joseph: As you like it. Deloria, Vine: Perceptions and maturity: Reflections on Feyerabend's point of view. Naess, Arne: Paul Feyerabend--a green hero? Hörz, Herbert: Ecology as a challenge to philosophy. Schnädelbach, Herbert: Against Feyerabend. Vate, Dwight van de, Jr.: A new slant on the tower experiment. Maxwell, Grover: Feyerabend's materialism. Margolis, Joseph: Scientific methods and Feyerabend's advocacy of anarchism. Paul K. Feyerabend: Concluding unphilosophical conversation.

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Authors & Contributors
Feyerabend, Paul K.
Preston, John
Shaw, Jamie
Clarke, Steven William
Tambolo, Luca
Vázquez, María Teresa Gargiulo de
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science
Metascience: An International Review Journal for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science
Science and Education
University of Chicago Press
Polity Press
Oxford University Press
Cambridge University Press
Philosophy of science
Philosophers of science, modern
History of philosophy of science
Primary literature (historical sources)
Transliteration; transcription
Feyerabend, Paul K.
Lakatos, Imre
Popper, Karl Raimund
Kuhn, Thomas S.
Kierkegaard, Søren Aabye
Time Periods
20th century
20th century, late
19th century
Vienna (Austria)

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