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Rudolf Clausius' copies of Sadi Carnot and J.R. Mayer's books: Findings from the Charles Clarke Collection at Tokyo Denki University. (In Japanese) (1994)


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Authors & Contributors
Bierhalter, Günter
Yagi, Eri
Caneva, Kenneth L.
Hermann, Armin
Heimann, P. M.
Carnot, Nicolas Léonard Sadi
Archive for History of Exact Sciences
Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences
Bild der Wissenschaft
American Journal of Physics
Sciences et Techniques en Perspective
Bulletin for the History of Chemistry
Princeton University Press
International Pub. Institute
Conservation of energy (physical concept)
Matter theory
Clausius, Rudolf Julius Emmanuel
Mayer, Julius Robert von
Carnot, Nicolas Léonard Sadi
Helmholtz, Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von
Clapeyron, Benoît Paul Émil
Joule, James Prescott
Time Periods
19th century
20th century
Royal Society (Great Britain). European Science Exchange Programme

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