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Out of the crystal maze: Chapters from the history of solid-state physics (1992)


Oxford University Press

Publication Date: 1992
Edition Details: Edited by Hoddeson, Lillian, Braun, Ernest, Teichmann, Jürgen, Spencer Weart.
Physical Details: xxiii + 697 pp.; illus.; notes; index

Description Contents: Eckert, Michael, Schubert, Helmut, Torkar, Gisela, Blondel, Christine, Quédec, Pierre: The roots of solid-state physics before quantum mechanics. Hoddeson, Lillian, Baym, Gordon, Eckert, Michael: The development of the quantum mechanical electron theory of metals, 1926-1933. Hoch, Paul, Szymborski, Krzysztof: The development of the band theory of solids, 1933-1960. Teichmann, Jürgen, Szymborski, Krzysztof: Point defects and ionic crystals: Color centers as the key to imperfections. Braun, Ernest: Mechanical properties of solids. Keith, Stephen T., Quédec, Pierre: Magnetism and magnetic materials. Braun, Ernest: Selected topics from the history of semiconductor physics and its applications. Hoddeson, Lillian, Schubert, Helmut, Heims, Steve J., Baym, Gordon: Collective phenomena. Weart, Spencer R.: The solid community.

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Authors & Contributors
Giuliani, G.
Sebastiani, Fabio
Hoddeson, Lillian Hartmann
Maria, Michelangelo De
Grilli, Mario
Kevles, Daniel J.
Reviews of Modern Physics
World Scientific
Italian Physical Society
Electron physics; ionization
Buchler, Justus
20th century

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