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Freud and the history of psychoanalysis (1992)


Gelfand, Toby (Editor)
Kerr, John (Editor)

The Analytic Press

Publication Date: 1992
Physical Details: xii + 397 pp.; illus.; notes; index

Description Contents: Holt, Robert R.: Freud's parental identifications as a source of some contradictions within psychoanalysis. Gelfand, Toby: Sigmund-sur-Seine: Fathers and brothers in Charcot's Paris. Shorter, Edward: The two medical worlds of Sigmund Freud. McGrath, William J.: Freud and the force of history. Macmillan, Malcolm: The sources of Freud's methods for gathering and evaluating clinical data. Sulloway, Frank J.: Reassessing Freud's case histories: The social construction of psychoanalysis. Grünbaum, Adolf: Two major difficulties for Freud's theory of dreams. Sand, Rosemarie: Pre-Freudian discovery of dream meaning: The achievements of Charcot, Janet, and Krafft-Ebing. Wallace, Edwin R.: Freud and the mind-body problem. Decker, Hannah S.: Freud's “Dora” case in perspective: The medical treatment of hysteria in Austria at the turn of the century. Roazen, Paul: Freud's patients: First-person accounts. Mahony, Patrick: Freud as family therapist: Reflections. Marcus, Steven: A case history before Freud: Intimations of the unconscious in Wordsworth. Grosskurth, Phyllis: The idyll in the Harz Mountains: Freud's secret committee. Kerr, John: Eiplogue: History and the clinician.

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Authors & Contributors
Roazen, Paul
Masson, Jeffrey Moussaieff
Marcus, Laura
Peraldi, François
Hoffman, Louise E.
Decker, Hannah S.
Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Thought
Études Freudiennes
Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences
Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association
Psychoanalytic Quarterly
History of the Human Sciences
Presses Universitaires de France
Manchester University Press
Transaction Publishers
Cornell University Press
Walker & Company
Social sciences
Controversies and disputes
Freud, Sigmund
Lacan, Jacques
Fliess, Wilhelm
Breuer, Josef
Einstein, Albert
Jung, Carl Gustav
Time Periods
20th century
20th century, late
19th century

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