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The influence of Hermann von Helmholtz on Heinrich Hertz's contributions to physics (1987)

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Authors & Contributors
D'Agostino, Salvatore
Mulligan, Joseph F.
Buchwald, Jed Z.
Helmholtz, Hermann von
Hertz, Heinrich
Constable, A. R.
Perspectives on Science
American Journal of Physics
Physics Today
Centaurus: International Magazine of the History of Mathematics, Science, and Technology
Cultura e Scuola
History of Science
Experiments and experimentation
Hertz, Heinrich Rudolph
Helmholtz, Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von
Wittgenstein, Ludwig
Planck, Max
Kundt, August
Boltzmann, Ludwig
Time Periods
19th century
20th century, early
20th century
Central Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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