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Thermodynamics: History and philosophy--Facts, trends, debates: Veszprém, Hungary, 23-28 July 1990 (1991)


World Scientific

Publication Date: 1991
Edition Details: Editors: K. Martinás, Ropolyi, L. and Szegedi, P..
Physical Details: xi + 529 pp.; notes

Description Contents: Moulines, C. Ulises: The classical spirit in J. Willard Gibbs's classical thermodynamics. Cimbleris, Borisas: The late emergence of thermodynamics. Della Selva, A., A. Drago: The introduction of the cycle method in thermodynamics. Boudri, J. Christiaan: The paradox of William Thomson: Phenomenalism and mechanicism in the origin of thermodynamics (1847-1850). Osietzki, Maria: Rudolf Clausius--Entropy and environment. Mladjenović, Milorad: Mach's Principien der Wärmelehre: A critical survey. Brouzeng, Paul: Duhem's contribution to the development of modern thermodynamics. Monleón Pradas, Manuel: Analysis of a trivial example and critical considerations following from it regarding the historiography of energy conservation. Hiebert, Erwin N.: Reflections on the origin and verification of the third law of thermodynamics. Tisza, Laszlo: A new look at the relation of thermodynamics to the kinetic theory. Baracca, Angelo: Boltzmann's research program and the present frontier problems in statistical mechanics. Hoyer, Ulrich: From Boltzmann to Schrödinger. Sredniawa, Bronislaw: Collaboration of Marian Smoluchowski and Theodor Svedberg in the investigation of Brownian movement and density fluctuations. Exchange of letters. Tyapkin, A.A.: On the problem of mechanical substantiation of irreversibility in statistical physics. Haitun, S.D.: Entropy and disorder: The evolution of views concerning their connection. Oláh, Karoly: Progress in understanding the concepts reversibility, balances and cross symmetry. Haas, A.: Towards an unambiguous measurement theory based on the irreversible description of the measurement interactions. Liszi, János: Anyos Jedlik: Theory of heat. A Hungarian manuscript from the middle of the 19th century. Hoffmann, Dieter, Ebeling, Werner: Thermodynamics in Berlin. Volkov, Vladimir A.: The first Russian scientists in the field of thermodynamics of the 19th century. Martinás, Katalin: Aristotelian thermodynamics. Gombos, Gabor: Some thermodynamic aspects of Lao Tzu's philosophy. Fehér, Marta: Between two paradigms: Novalis' theory of combustion. Lebon, G., Casas-Vázquez, J.: Towards a thermodynamic theory of the third type. Drago, Antonino: The alternative content of thermodynamics: The constructive mathematics and the problematic organization of the theory. Monleón Pradas, Manuel: Thermodynamics as a physics of qualities: The evolution of the concept of state. Jaromír Murgaš: Energy, invariants and the spirit of physics. Landsberg, Peter T.: From entropy to God? Kubbinga, Henk: Thermodynamics, molecularism, and positivism. Pechenkin, A.A.: A paradigm change in physics: Non-linear thermodynamics. Ropolyi, L.: Thermodynamic elements in world views--world view elements in thermodynamics. Tarsitani, C., Vicentini Missoni, M.: History of and education in thermodynamics: Comments and problems related to mental representations and semantics. Walter, Johann: On a remark of I. Newton and the mathematics of the second law. Helden, Ann C. van: Kamerlingh Onnes' three-dimensional graphical method. Vdovichenko, N.: On relation between thermodynamics and dynamical chaos. Aris, Rutherford: A thermodynamic conundrum: Heat transfer in a model of the fluidized bed. Kritsman, Viktor Abramovich: The influence of the ideas of chemical thermodynamics on the formation of the principles of chemical kinetics in the 19th century. Kipnis, A. Ya.: J.W. Gibbs and chemical thermodynamics. Landsberg, Peter T.: Irreversibility and basic principles. Vicentini Missoni, M.: Education and history in thermodynamics.

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Authors & Contributors
Kroes, Peter A.
Trimble, Virginia
Rescher, Nicholas
Earman, John S.
Watkins, John J.
Gavroglu, Kostas
Kluwer Academic
Cambridge University Press
University of Pittsburgh Press
La Goliardica Pavese
Boltzmann, Ludwig
Mach, Ernst
Newton, Isaac
Grünbaum, Adolf
Lakatos, Imre
Time Periods
20th century

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