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Matthieu Maty and the adoption of inoculation for smallpox in Holland (1981)

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Authors & Contributors
Emch-Deriaz, Antoinette S.
Dowling, John E.
Zelt, Roger P.
Razzell, Peter E.
Gunther, A. E.
Brunton, Deborah C.
Medical History
Bulletin of the History of Medicine
British Journal for the History of Science
Eighteenth-Century Life
Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture
Synthesis: The [Harvard] University Journal in the History and Philosophy of Science
Caliban Books
Ohio University Press
University of Chicago Press
Johns Hopkins University Press
Disease and diseases
Vaccines; vaccination
Public health
Maty, Matthieu
Jenner, Edward
Home, Everard
Banks, Joseph
Montagu, Mary Wortley, Lady
Alembert, Jean le Rond d'
Time Periods
18th century
17th century
19th century
20th century
Ming dynasty (China, 1368-1644)
Qing dynasty (China, 1644-1912)
British Isles
Spain; Portugal
North America: United States; Canada
British Museum. Natural History
Royal Society of London

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