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Psychologists and class (1981)


Description Traces the development of a view of British society which found its most complete expression in the works of Cyril Burt (1883-1971). Begins with Galton.

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Book Webster, Charles (1981) Biology, medicine, and society, 1840-1940. unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Tucker, William H.
Wulff, David M.
Wood, Neal
Wertsch, James V.
Weinstein, Michael A.
Weinstein, Deena
Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences
Mankind Quarterly
Sociological Theory
Journal of the History of Ideas
History of Science
Oxford University Press
Transaction Publishers
Harvard University Press
Social psychology
Controversies and disputes
Burt, Cyril Lodowic
Kamin, Leon
Vygotskii, Lev Semenovich
Watson, John Broadus
Spearman, Charles Edward
McDougall, William
Time Periods
20th century
17th century
British Isles
Great Britain

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