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Book Tom McLeish (2021)
The Poetry and Music of Science: Comparing Creativity in Science and Art. (/isis/citation/CBB788755093/) unapi

Article Xun Liu; Wen Shuang Zhu (2021)
Sustainability approaches to Chinese landscape architecture. Interdisciplinary Science Reviews (pp. 689-702). (/isis/citation/CBB114429327/) unapi

Article Helen Vandenberg; Wanda Martin; Marie Dietrich Leurer; et al. (2021)
The History of Saskatchewan’s Public Health Association Policy Initiatives, 1954–86: A Regional Comparison for Preventative Health Policy Work in Canada. Canadian Bulletin of Medical History/Bulletin Canadien d'Histoire de la Medecine (pp. 93-127). (/isis/citation/CBB049962933/) unapi

Book Martin Carrier; Rebecca Mertens; Carsten Reinhardt (2021)
Narratives and Comparisons: Adversaries or Allies in Understanding Science?. (/isis/citation/CBB733953616/) unapi

Article Peter Tufano (Winter 2020)
Training Leaders to Win Wars and Forge Peace: Lessons from History. Business History Review (pp. 807-833). (/isis/citation/CBB842923844/) unapi

Article Wesley Shrum; John Aggrey; Andre Campos; et al. (October 2020)
Who’s afraid of Ebola? Epidemic fires and locative fears in the Information Age. Social Studies of Science (pp. 707-727). (/isis/citation/CBB307916719/) unapi

Article Hannah Catherine Davies (2020)
Gott, Natur, Markt: Semantiken von Wirtschaftskrisen in der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts (God, Nature, Market: Semantics of Economic Crises in the Second Half of the 19th Century). Jahrbuch für Wirtschaftsgeschichte / Economic History Yearbook (pp. 67-88). (/isis/citation/CBB829179052/) unapi

Article David Rengeling (June 2020)
Die Corona-Pandemie 2020 – über eine allumfassende Prävention hinaus (The 2020 Corona Pandemic—Beyond Omnipresent Prevention). NTM: Zeitschrift für Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften, Technik und Medizin (pp. 211-217). (/isis/citation/CBB663678334/) unapi

Article Cécile Stephanie Stehrenberger (June 2020)
COVID-19 und die Geschichte der sozialwissenschaftlichen Katastrophenforschung (COVID-19, and the History of Social Science Disaster Research). NTM: Zeitschrift für Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften, Technik und Medizin (pp. 227-233). (/isis/citation/CBB476197962/) unapi

Article Christopher M Church (2020)
Rhythms of Catastrophe, Iterations of Inequity: Disaster Memory, Dislocation, and Disparity during Pelée’s Eruption of 1929. Environmental History (pp. 335-360). (/isis/citation/CBB071127801/) unapi

Article Elizabeth Hennessy (2020)
Saving Species: The Co-Evolution of Tortoise Taxonomy and Conservation in the Galápagos Islands. Environmental History (pp. 263-286). (/isis/citation/CBB865720952/) unapi

Article Irmtraud Huber (2020)
Another Poetry of Science: Tom McLeish (2019) in comparison with Robert Hunt (1848). Interdisciplinary Science Reviews (pp. 23-28). (/isis/citation/CBB672352837/) unapi

Article Timothy Brook (2020)
Comparative pandemics: the Tudor–Stuart and Wanli–Chongzhen years of pestilence, 1567–1666. Journal of Global History (pp. 363-379). (/isis/citation/CBB861683586/) unapi

Article Claire Pelgrims (December 2019)
Tension between Fast and Slow Mobilities: Examining the Infrastructuring Processes in Brussels (1950–2019) through the Lens of Social Imaginaries. Transfers (pp. 20-40). (/isis/citation/CBB714510116/) unapi

Book Wilt L. Idema (2019)
Insects in Chinese Literature: A Study and Anthology. (/isis/citation/CBB239995784/) unapi

Article Forrest L. Marion (2019)
Comparing and Contrasting USAFCENT's Air Advising Mission in Iraq and Afghanistan, 2005-2015. Air Power History (pp. 15-30). (/isis/citation/CBB552400116/) unapi

Article Shorten, Richard (2018)
The Cold War as comparative political thought. Cold War History (pp. 385-408). (/isis/citation/CBB558375096/) unapi

Article Janet Abbate (October 2018)
Code Switch: Alternative Visions of Computer Expertise as Empowerment from the 1960s to the 2010s. Technology and Culture (pp. 134-159). (/isis/citation/CBB903684763/) unapi

Article Rika Fujioka; Jon Stobart (Summer 2018)
Global and Local: Retail Transformation and the Department Store in Britain and Japan, 1900–1940. Business History Review (pp. 251-280). (/isis/citation/CBB429005129/) unapi

Article Michael Mayer; Julia Hautz; Christian Stadler; et al. (Summer 2017)
Diversification and Internationalization in the European Single Market: The British Exception. Business History Review (pp. 279-299). (/isis/citation/CBB056885812/) unapi


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