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Book Curtis Runstedler (2023)
Alchemy and Exemplary Poetry in Middle English Literature. (/isis/citation/CBB981270345/) unapi

Book Sonia Colafrancesco (2023)
La Capsula eburnea nella tradizione inglese medievale. (/isis/citation/CBB896347593/) unapi

Article José Ragas (2023)
History of Pandemics in Latin America. Isis: International Review Devoted to the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences (pp. 498-532). (/isis/citation/CBB254020371/) unapi

Book Lori Ann Garner (2022)
Hybrid healing: Old English remedies and medical texts. (/isis/citation/CBB519378208/) unapi

Article Anuj Misra (2022)
Sanskrit Recension of Persian Astronomy: The computation of true declination in Nityānanda's Sarvasiddhāntarāja. History of Science in South Asia (pp. 68-168). (/isis/citation/CBB217469911/) unapi

Article Sarah Jeanne S. Parker (2021)
Vernacular Cosmologies: Models of the Universe in Old English Literature. Early Science and Medicine: A Journal for the Study of Science, Technology and Medicine in the Pre-modern Period (pp. 55-76). (/isis/citation/CBB798146701/) unapi

Article Yoshiyuki Kikuchi (2021)
International Science in Japanese Eyes: Jōji Sakurai, European Multilingualism and Pacific Monolingualism. Historia Scientiarum: International Journal of the History of Science Society of Japan (pp. 113-129). (/isis/citation/CBB555108469/) unapi

Book Georges Cuvier; Theodore W. Pietsch (2020)
Tableau historique des progrès de l'Ichtyologie: Depuis son origine jusqu a nos jours [Historical Portrait of the Progress of Ichthyology: From Its Origin to Our Own Time]. (/isis/citation/CBB439200709/) unapi

Book Gabriele Tola (2020)
John Fryer and The Translators Vade-mecum New Perspectives on the History of Modern Chinese Scientific and Technical Lexicon. (/isis/citation/CBB799043483/) unapi

Book Shlomo Sela (2020)
Abraham ibn Ezra Latinus on Elections and Interrogations: A Parallel Latin-English Critical Edition of Liber Electionum, Liber Interrogationum, and Tractatus Particulares. (/isis/citation/CBB241459310/) unapi

Article Federico Gobbo; Federica Russo (2020)
Epistemic Diversity and the Question of Lingua Franca in Science and Philosophy. Foundations of Science (pp. 185-207). (/isis/citation/CBB630247525/) unapi

Book Ilaria Scaglia (2019)
The Emotions of Internationalism: Feeling International Cooperation in the Alps in the Interwar Period. (/isis/citation/CBB212614984/) unapi

Book Keiji Yamamoto; Charles Burnett (2019)
The Great Introduction to Astrology by Abū Maʿšar. (/isis/citation/CBB747482464/) unapi

Book Matthew Boyd Goldie (2019)
Scribes of Space: Place in Middle English Literature and Late Medieval Science. (/isis/citation/CBB268443645/) unapi

Book Anthony Paul Bale; Sebastian Sobecki (2019)
Medieval English Travel: A Critical Anthology. (/isis/citation/CBB655757328/) unapi

Article Leandro Rodriguez Medina (2019)
A geopolitics of bad English. Tapuya: Latin American Science, Technology and Society (pp. 1-7). (/isis/citation/CBB070006409/) unapi

Article Jose Bellido; Alain Pottage (2018)
Lexical Properties: Trademarks, Dictionaries, and the Sense of the Generic. History of Science (pp. 119-139). (/isis/citation/CBB345405745/) unapi

Article Chris Fradkin (June 2017)
Scientific Publication for Nonnative English Speakers: A Retrospective of a Workshop in Brazil. Science Communication (pp. 395-403). (/isis/citation/CBB876819658/) unapi

Book Juhani Norri (2016)
Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary in English, 1375–1550: Body Parts, Sicknesses, Instruments, and Medicinal Preparations. (/isis/citation/CBB538795681/) unapi

Book Monika Wegmann (2016)
Language in Space: The Cartographic Representation of Dialects. (/isis/citation/CBB780577388/) unapi


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