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Article Antonio J. Heras; Pierre-Charles Pradier; David Teira (2020)
What Was Fair in Actuarial Fairness?. History of the Human Sciences (pp. 91-114). (/isis/citation/CBB253254427/) unapi

Article Yoshio Nukaga (2019)
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Global Forensic Cultures: Making Fact and Justice in the Modern Era. (/isis/citation/CBB737360823/) unapi

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Boundary-work that Does Not Work: Social Inequalities and the Non-performativity of Scientific Boundary-work. Science, Technology and Human Values (pp. 338-365). (/isis/citation/CBB949567754/) unapi

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Contributions of Slovak Criminology to the Development of Restorative Justice. Acta Baltica historiae et philosophiae scientiarum (pp. 53-70). (/isis/citation/CBB207441017/) unapi

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Times Thirty: Access, Maintenance, and Justice. Science, Technology and Human Values (pp. 118-142). (/isis/citation/CBB487672024/) unapi

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Article Andreas Blank (2019)
Value, Justice, and Presumption in the Late Scholastic Controversy over Price Regulation. Journal of the History of Ideas (pp. 183-202). (/isis/citation/CBB739926680/) unapi

Article Barbara L. Allen (November 2018)
Strongly Participatory Science and Knowledge Justice in an Environmentally Contested Region. Science, Technology and Human Values (pp. 947-971). (/isis/citation/CBB069762669/) unapi

Article Mical Raz (2018)
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Article Eden Medina (October 2018)
Forensic Identification in the Aftermath of Human Rights Crimes in Chile: A Decentered Computer History. Technology and Culture (pp. 100-133). (/isis/citation/CBB981998043/) unapi

Article Nassim JafariNaimi (March 2018)
Our Bodies in the Trolley’s Path, or Why Self-driving Cars Must *Not* Be Programmed to Kill. Science, Technology and Human Values (pp. 302-323). (/isis/citation/CBB556129964/) unapi

Article Lucy Suchman; Karolina Follis; Jutta Weber (November 2017)
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The missing, the martyred and the disappeared: Global networks, technical intensification and the end of human rights genetics. Social Studies of Science (pp. 398-416). (/isis/citation/CBB394353274/) unapi

Article Arne Pollock; Banu Subramaniam (November 2016)
Introduction to Special Issue: Resisting Power, Retooling Justice: Promises of Feminist Postcolonial Technosciences. Science, Technology and Human Values (pp. 951-966). (/isis/citation/CBB706070191/) unapi

Article Ruha Benjamin (November 2016)
Informed Refusal: Toward a Justice-based Bioethics. Science, Technology and Human Values (pp. 967-990). (/isis/citation/CBB856025239/) unapi

Article Yoshio Nukaga (July 2016)
Ethics Expertise and Public Credibility: A Case Study of the Ethical Principle of Justice. Science, Technology and Human Values (pp. 709-731). (/isis/citation/CBB610704199/) unapi


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