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Article Walton, Steven A. (December 2019)
Technological Determinism(s) and the Study of War. Vulcan (pp. 4-18). (/isis/citation/CBB447906454/) unapi

Article Brown, Gates M. (December 2019)
Technology’s Unrealistic Promise: The US Army in the 1950s and Technological Determinism. Vulcan (pp. 62-80). (/isis/citation/CBB875270366/) unapi

Article Goodman, Seymour E. (December 2019)
Deploying Technological Innovation in “Real Time”: Union and Confederate Ironclads. Vulcan (pp. 81-110). (/isis/citation/CBB715470633/) unapi

Article Zimmerman, David (December 2019)
Neither Catapults nor Atomic Bombs: Technological Determinism and Military History from a Post-Industrial Revolution Perspective. Vulcan (pp. 45-61). (/isis/citation/CBB176871982/) unapi

Article DeVries, Kelly R. (December 2019)
Catapults Still Aren’t Atomic Bombs: Effectiveness and Determinism in Premodern Military Technology. Vulcan (pp. 34-44). (/isis/citation/CBB642902232/) unapi

Article Roland, Alex (December 2019)
Is Military Technology Deterministic?. Vulcan (pp. 19-33). (/isis/citation/CBB761922629/) unapi

Article Curatola, John M. (October 2018)
Atomic Dysfunction: The Nature of the American Atomic Monopoly, 1945–1950. Vulcan (pp. 37-60). (/isis/citation/CBB304220257/) unapi

Article Ritchie, David (October 2018)
More Beautiful Than Necessary. Vulcan (pp. 1-15). (/isis/citation/CBB396830113/) unapi

Article Cathcart, Tim (October 2018)
If God Is with Us: The Religious Culture of the U.S. Air Force. Vulcan (pp. 61-80). (/isis/citation/CBB637788179/) unapi

Article Johnson, Ian (October 2018)
Prophet of Poison Gas: Yakov Fishman and the Soviet Chemical Weapons Program, 1924–1937. Vulcan (pp. 16-36). (/isis/citation/CBB231695950/) unapi

Article Wintjes, Jorit (October 2017)
When a Spiel is not a Game: The Prussian Kriegsspiel from 1824 to 1871. Vulcan (pp. 5-28). (/isis/citation/CBB075006559/) unapi

Article Wulff, Petter (October 2017)
Civilian Structures as Military Restrictions: The Sudden Transition to Heavy Tanks in Sweden. Vulcan (pp. 42-63). (/isis/citation/CBB869477564/) unapi

Article Bergman, Yoel (October 2017)
Fair Chance and not a Blunt Refusal: New Understandings on Nobel, France, and Ballistite in 1889. Vulcan (pp. 29-41). (/isis/citation/CBB524549929/) unapi

Article Ruth, Richard A. (October 2017)
The Secret of Seeing Charlie in the Dark: The Starlight Scope, Techno-anxiety, and the Spectral Mediation of the Enemy in the Vietnam War. Vulcan (pp. 64-88). (/isis/citation/CBB031001010/) unapi

Article Karafantis, Layne (August 2016)
Telstar, the Cold War, and the Origins of Global Communications. Vulcan (pp. 112-134). (/isis/citation/CBB363642371/) unapi

Article Siotto, Andrea (August 2016)
Image at War: Military Technology in the Illustrated Press of the Great War. Vulcan (pp. 76-111). (/isis/citation/CBB023010725/) unapi

Article Ansani, Fabrizio (August 2016)
Craftsmen, Artillery, and War Production in Renaissance Florence. Vulcan (pp. 1-26). (/isis/citation/CBB273419847/) unapi

Article Navarro-Loidi, Juan (August 2016)
Cadet Selection for the Royal Artillery in Spain, 1764–1808. Vulcan (pp. 27-51). (/isis/citation/CBB648218599/) unapi

Article Wintjes, Jorit (August 2016)
“Not an Ordinary Game, But a School of War”: Notes on the Early History of the Prusso-German Kriegsspiel. Vulcan (pp. 52-75). (/isis/citation/CBB875043219/) unapi

Article Wintjes, Jorit (May 2015)
Technology with an Impact: Field Artillery in the Ancient World. Vulcan (pp. 19-41). (/isis/citation/CBB310295609/) unapi


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