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Mathematics -- 19th century

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Article Eric Vandendriessche (2022)
The concrete numbers of “primitive” societies: A historiographical approach. Historia Mathematica (pp. 12-34). (/isis/citation/CBB201980517/) unapi

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Mathematical Incompleteness Results in First-Order Peano Arithmetic: A Revisionist View of the Early History. History and Philosophy of Logic (pp. 175-182). (/isis/citation/CBB257161891/) unapi

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Article Michael Friedman (2021)
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Article Nicolas Michel (2021)
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Book Giovanni Capobianco; Giovanni Ferraro (2021)
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Problemi di geometria di fine Ottocento. (/isis/citation/CBB546260233/) unapi

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“Are the Genre and the Geschlecht One and the Same Number?” an Inquiry into Alfred Clebsch's Geschlecht. Historia Mathematica (pp. 71-107). (/isis/citation/CBB466745331/) unapi


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