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Article Boxer, Marilyn J. (2012)
Linking Socialism, Feminism, and Social Darwinism in Belle Epoque France: The Maternalist Politics and Journalism of Aline Valette. Women's History Review (p. 1). (/isis/citation/CBB001231434/) unapi

Article Williams, Samantha (2011)
The Experience of Pregnancy and Childbirth for Unmarried Mothers in London, 1760--1866. Women's History Review (p. 67). (/isis/citation/CBB001231436/) unapi

Article Vandenbussche, Liselotte; Vandermassen, Griet; Demoor, Marysa; et al. (2011)
Grappling with Evolutionary Theory. Femininities and Masculinities in the Work of Virginie Loveling (1836--1923). Women's History Review (p. 543). (/isis/citation/CBB001231435/) unapi

Article Hawkins, Sue (2010)
From Maid to Matron: Nursing as a Route to Social Advancement in Nineteenth-Century England. Women's History Review (p. 125). (/isis/citation/CBB001030819/) unapi

Article Tunc, Tanfer Emin (2010)
The Mistress, the Midwife, and the Medical Doctor: Pregnancy and Childbirth on the Plantations of the Antebellum American South, 1800--1860. Women's History Review (p. 395). (/isis/citation/CBB001030818/) unapi

Article Dale, Pamela; Fisher, Kate (2009)
Implementing the 1902 Midwives Act: Assessing Problems, Developing Services and Creating a New Role for a Variety of Female Practitioners. Women's History Review (p. 427). (/isis/citation/CBB001030821/) unapi

Article Dzuback, Mary Ann (2009)
Women Scholars, Social Science Expertise, and the State in the United States. Women's History Review (p. 71). (/isis/citation/CBB001030823/) unapi

Article Geddes, J. F. (2009)
The Doctors' Dilemma: Medical Women and the British Suffrage Movement. Women's History Review (p. 203). (/isis/citation/CBB001030822/) unapi

Article Geddes, J. F. (2008)
Culpable Complicity: The Medical Profession and the Forcible Feeding of Suffragettes, 1909--1914. Women's History Review (p. 79). (/isis/citation/CBB001030825/) unapi

Article Wanhalla, Angela (2007)
To “Better the Breed of Men”: Women and Eugenics in New Zealand, 1900-1935. Women's History Review (p. 163). (/isis/citation/CBB001030828/) unapi

Article Labidi, Lilia (2006)
Rita El Khayat on Moroccan Psychiatry and Sexuality. Women's History Review (p. 637). (/isis/citation/CBB001030833/) unapi

Article Buerkle, Darcy (2006)
Gendered Spectatorship, Jewish Women, and Psychological Advertising in Weimar Germany. Women's History Review (p. 625). (/isis/citation/CBB001030832/) unapi

Article Lee, Janet (2006)
A Nurse and a Soldier: Gender, Class, and National Identity in the First World War Adventures of Grace Mcdougall and Flora Sandes. Women's History Review (p. 83). (/isis/citation/CBB001030836/) unapi

Article Singh, Maina Chawla (2006)
Gender, Thrift, and Indigenous Adaptations: Money and Missionary Medicine in Colonial India. Women's History Review (p. 701). (/isis/citation/CBB001030831/) unapi

Article Roberts, Daniel Sanjiv (2006)
“Merely Birds of Passage”: Lady Hariot Dufferin's Travel Writings and Medical Work in India, 1884--1888. Women's History Review (p. 443). (/isis/citation/CBB001030835/) unapi

Article Howse, Carrie (2006)
From Lady Bountiful to Lady Administrator: Women and the Administration of Rural District Nursing in England, 1880--1925. Women's History Review (p. 423). (/isis/citation/CBB001030834/) unapi

Article McCarthya, Louella (2005)
All This Fuss about a Trivial Incident? Women, Hospitals, and Medical Work in New South Wales, 1900--1920. Women's History Review (p. 265). (/isis/citation/CBB001030838/) unapi

Article Planta, Helen (2005)
Women Scientists in British Industry: Technical Library and Information Workers, c.1918--1960. Women's History Review (p. 301). (/isis/citation/CBB001030839/) unapi

Article Liveseya, Ruth (2004)
The Politics of Work: Feminism, Professionalisation, and Women Inspectors of Factories and Workshops. Women's History Review (p. 233). (/isis/citation/CBB001030841/) unapi

Article Sowerwinea, Charles (2003)
Woman's Brain, Man's Brain: Feminism and Anthropology in Late Nineteenth-Century France. Women's History Review (p. 289). (/isis/citation/CBB001030844/) unapi


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