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Article Jarmo Peltola; Sakari Saaritsa; Henri Mikkola (2024)
Can’t Boil, Won’t Boil: Material Inequality, Information, and Disease Avoidance during a Typhoid Epidemic in Tampere, Finland, in 1916. Social Science History (pp. 203-232). (/isis/citation/CBB476408525/) unapi

Article Alan L. Olmstead; Paul W. Rhode (2024)
U.S. Animal Disease Policies and Human Health Debates. Social Science History (pp. 233-257). (/isis/citation/CBB041364695/) unapi

Article Claudia Rei (2024)
Turning points in leadership: Ship size in the Portuguese and Dutch merchant empires. Social Science History (pp. 285-308). (/isis/citation/CBB340333584/) unapi

Article Damon Mayrl; Nicholas Hoover Wilson; Matthew Mahler; et al. (2024)
Theorizing Subdisciplinary Exchange: Historical Sociology, Ethnography, and the Case of SSHA. Social Science History (pp. 259-284). (/isis/citation/CBB101218192/) unapi

Article Carolyn B. Swope (2024)
The Spatial Configuration of Segregation, Elite Fears of Disease, and Housing Reform in Washington, D.C.’s Inhabited Alleys. Social Science History (pp. 173-201). (/isis/citation/CBB466798698/) unapi

Article Gregori Galofré-Vilà (2023)
The Diffusion of Knowledge during the British Industrial Revolution. Social Science History (pp. 167-188). (/isis/citation/CBB111722597/) unapi

Article Michel Oris; Stanislao Mazzoni; Diego Ramiro-Fariñas (2023)
Immigration, Poverty, and Infant and Child Mortality in the City of Madrid, 1916–1926. Social Science History (pp. 453-489). (/isis/citation/CBB162483675/) unapi

Article Frans van Poppel; Peter Ekamper (2023)
Infant and childhood death in the medical profession. Evidence from nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Netherlands. Social Science History (pp. 505-536). (/isis/citation/CBB031319299/) unapi

Article Matthias Duller (2022)
Regime and Sociology: A Comparative History of Sociology in Postwar Europe with Qualitative Comparative Analysis. Social Science History (pp. 143-172). (/isis/citation/CBB398839192/) unapi

Article Daniel Scott Smith (2022)
Social Scientization and the Schooling State in UK Parliamentary Discourse, 1803–1909. Social Science History (pp. 223-254). (/isis/citation/CBB035327462/) unapi

Article Ana Velitchkova (2022)
Nationalized Cosmopolitanism with Communist Characteristics: The Esperanto Movement’s Survival Strategy in Post–World War II Bulgaria. Social Science History (pp. 617-642). (/isis/citation/CBB365488877/) unapi

Article Dylan Riley; Rebecca Jean Emigh; Patricia Ahmed (2021)
The Social Foundations of Positivism: The Case of Late-Nineteenth-Century Italy. Social Science History (pp. 813-842). (/isis/citation/CBB782716699/) unapi

Article Jaume Martí-Romero; Adrià San-José; Jordi Martí-Henneberg (2021)
The Radiality of the Railway Network in Spain during its Early Stages (1830–67): An Assessment of its Territorial Coherence. Social Science History (pp. 363-389). (/isis/citation/CBB708272306/) unapi

Article Jordi Martí-Henneberg (2021)
From State-Building to European Integration: The Role of the Railway Network in the Territorial Integration of Europe, 1850–2020. Social Science History (pp. 221-231). (/isis/citation/CBB935259335/) unapi

Article Robert M. Schwartz (2021)
Mail, Rail, and Legwork: State and Nation Building through Postal Service in France and Great Britain, 1830–1914. Social Science History (pp. 291-316). (/isis/citation/CBB281429926/) unapi

Article Eduard J. Alvarez-Palau; Alfonso Díez-Minguela; Jordi Martí-Henneberg (2021)
Railroad Integration and Uneven Development on the European Periphery, 1870–1910. Social Science History (pp. 261-289). (/isis/citation/CBB567944359/) unapi

Article Hugo Silveira Pereira (2021)
Appropriation, Integration, and Nation Building: Portuguese Railways in the Second Half of the Nineteenth and Early Years of the Twentieth Century. Social Science History (pp. 391-416). (/isis/citation/CBB086633556/) unapi

Article Dino Güldner (2021)
Contested Grasslands: Commons and the Unequal Land-Costs to Sustain Soil Fertility in Preindustrial Agriculture. Social Science History (pp. 625-655). (/isis/citation/CBB597215326/) unapi

Article Greet De Block (2021)
The Material Politics of Infrastructure Networks Infrastructure Design and Territorial Transformation in Belgium, 1830–40s. Social Science History (pp. 341-362). (/isis/citation/CBB203498349/) unapi

Article Cristina Purcar (2021)
A Tale of Two Lines: “The Transylvanian” and “The Imperial”: Mapping Territorial Integration through Railway Architecture. Social Science History (pp. 317-339). (/isis/citation/CBB507805409/) unapi


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