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Article Daniel Scott Smith (2022)
Social Scientization and the Schooling State in UK Parliamentary Discourse, 1803–1909. Social Science History (pp. 223-254). (/isis/citation/CBB035327462/) unapi

Article Ana Velitchkova (2022)
Nationalized Cosmopolitanism with Communist Characteristics: The Esperanto Movement’s Survival Strategy in Post–World War II Bulgaria. Social Science History (pp. 617-642). (/isis/citation/CBB365488877/) unapi

Article Matthias Duller (2022)
Regime and Sociology: A Comparative History of Sociology in Postwar Europe with Qualitative Comparative Analysis. Social Science History (pp. 143-172). (/isis/citation/CBB398839192/) unapi

Article Eduard J. Alvarez-Palau; Alfonso Díez-Minguela; Jordi Martí-Henneberg (2021)
Railroad Integration and Uneven Development on the European Periphery, 1870–1910. Social Science History (pp. 261-289). (/isis/citation/CBB567944359/) unapi

Article Pau de Soto; Cèsar Carreras (2021)
The Role of Politics in the Historical Transport Networks of the Iberian Peninsula and the Pyrenees from Roman Times to the Nineteenth Century. Social Science History (pp. 233-260). (/isis/citation/CBB376376051/) unapi

Article Cristina Purcar (2021)
A Tale of Two Lines: “The Transylvanian” and “The Imperial”: Mapping Territorial Integration through Railway Architecture. Social Science History (pp. 317-339). (/isis/citation/CBB507805409/) unapi

Article Robert M. Schwartz (2021)
Mail, Rail, and Legwork: State and Nation Building through Postal Service in France and Great Britain, 1830–1914. Social Science History (pp. 291-316). (/isis/citation/CBB281429926/) unapi

Article Dino Güldner (2021)
Contested Grasslands: Commons and the Unequal Land-Costs to Sustain Soil Fertility in Preindustrial Agriculture. Social Science History (pp. 625-655). (/isis/citation/CBB597215326/) unapi

Article Dylan Riley; Rebecca Jean Emigh; Patricia Ahmed (2021)
The Social Foundations of Positivism: The Case of Late-Nineteenth-Century Italy. Social Science History (pp. 813-842). (/isis/citation/CBB782716699/) unapi

Article Greet De Block (2021)
The Material Politics of Infrastructure Networks Infrastructure Design and Territorial Transformation in Belgium, 1830–40s. Social Science History (pp. 341-362). (/isis/citation/CBB203498349/) unapi

Article Hugo Silveira Pereira (2021)
Appropriation, Integration, and Nation Building: Portuguese Railways in the Second Half of the Nineteenth and Early Years of the Twentieth Century. Social Science History (pp. 391-416). (/isis/citation/CBB086633556/) unapi

Article Jaume Martí-Romero; Adrià San-José; Jordi Martí-Henneberg (2021)
The Radiality of the Railway Network in Spain during its Early Stages (1830–67): An Assessment of its Territorial Coherence. Social Science History (pp. 363-389). (/isis/citation/CBB708272306/) unapi

Article Jordi Martí-Henneberg (2021)
From State-Building to European Integration: The Role of the Railway Network in the Territorial Integration of Europe, 1850–2020. Social Science History (pp. 221-231). (/isis/citation/CBB935259335/) unapi

Article Matthew R. Smallman-Raynor; Andrew D. Cliff (2020)
Theresienstadt: A Geographical Picture of Transports, Demography, and Communicable Disease in a Jewish Camp-Ghetto, 1941–45. Social Science History (pp. 615-639). (/isis/citation/CBB033267446/) unapi

Article Mattias Smångs; Kent Redding (2019)
A Match Made in Heaven? Southern Evangelicalism and the Rise and Fall of Agrarian Populism in the 1890s. Social Science History (pp. 63-86). (/isis/citation/CBB377362817/) unapi

Article Anders Sevelsted (2019)
Degeneration, Protestantism, and Social Democracy: The Case of Alcoholism and “Illiberal” Policies and Practices in Denmark 1900–43. Social Science History (pp. 87-111). (/isis/citation/CBB831518679/) unapi

Article Myron P. Gutmann (2018)
Beyond Social Science History: Population and Environment in the US Great Plains. Social Science History (pp. 1-27). (/isis/citation/CBB780470005/) unapi

Article Alexandre I. R. White (2018)
Global Risks, Divergent Pandemics: Contrasting Responses to Bubonic Plague and Smallpox in 1901 Cape Town. Social Science History (pp. 135-158). (/isis/citation/CBB075639297/) unapi

Article Zeke Baker (2018)
Meteorological Frontiers: Climate Knowledge, the West, and US Statecraft, 1800–50. Social Science History (pp. 731-761). (/isis/citation/CBB214732593/) unapi

Article David J. Hutson (2017)
Plump or Corpulent? Lean or Gaunt? Historical Categories of Bodily Health in Nineteenth-Century Thought. Social Science History (pp. 283-303). (/isis/citation/CBB478640477/) unapi


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