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Article Grigoris Panoutsopoulos; Theodore Arabatzis (2021)
CERN’s Balancing Act Between Unity and Disunity: The “Sister Experiments” UA1 and UA2 and CERN’s First Nobel Prize. Physics in Perspective (pp. 181-201). (/isis/citation/CBB962350764/) unapi

Article Thomas B. Greenslade (2021)
American Nineteenth-Century Manufacturers and Importers of Philosophical Apparatus. Physics in Perspective (pp. 202-230). (/isis/citation/CBB242529816/) unapi

Article Robert Fleck (2021)
The Scientific Revolution in Art. Physics in Perspective (pp. 139-169). (/isis/citation/CBB632582915/) unapi

Article Salvatore Esposito (2021)
From England to Italy: The Intriguing Story of Poli’s Engine for the King of Naples. Physics in Perspective (pp. 104-138). (/isis/citation/CBB384096513/) unapi

Article Victória Flório; Olival Freire Júnior (2021)
The Past Looks Like an Onion: The Centennial “Great Debate” Through Journalists’ Testimonies. Physics in Perspective (pp. 85-103). (/isis/citation/CBB427756897/) unapi

Article Stephan Schwarz (2021)
The Occupation of Niels Bohr’s Institute: December 6, 1943–February 3, 1944. Physics in Perspective (pp. 49-82). (/isis/citation/CBB332875269/) unapi

Article Robert Fleck (2021)
Fundamental Themes in Physics from the History of Art. Physics in Perspective (pp. 25-48). (/isis/citation/CBB417345318/) unapi

Article Kevin Orrman-Rossiter (2021)
Observation and Annihilation: The Discovery of the Antiproton. Physics in Perspective (pp. 3-24). (/isis/citation/CBB795881141/) unapi

Article Cormac O’Raifeartaigh; Michael O’Keeffe (2020)
Redshifts versus Paradigm Shifts: Against Renaming Hubble’s Law. Physics in Perspective (pp. 215-225). (/isis/citation/CBB146005420/) unapi

Article Thomas B. Greenslade (2020)
Professors of Natural Philosophy in the Nineteenth Century. Physics in Perspective (pp. 226-238). (/isis/citation/CBB377443938/) unapi

Article Breno Arsioli Moura (2020)
The Problem of Reflection in Eighteenth-Century Projectile Theories of Light. Physics in Perspective (pp. 191-214). (/isis/citation/CBB875901893/) unapi

Article Francesco Guerra; Matteo Leone; Nadia Robotti (2020)
Enrico Fermi’s Discovery of Neutron-Induced Artificial Radioactivity: A Case of “Emanation” from “Divine Providence”. Physics in Perspective (pp. 129-161). (/isis/citation/CBB480792260/) unapi

Article Dorel Bucurescu (2020)
A Reconsideration of Ştefania Mărăcineanu’s Measurements of Polonium-210’s Half-Life: Understanding Her Claim to the Discovery of Artificial Radioactivity. Physics in Perspective (pp. 162-181). (/isis/citation/CBB601821433/) unapi

Article Liyuan Liu (2020)
When Missionary Astronomy Encountered Chinese Astrology: Johann Adam Schall von Bell and Chinese Calendar Reform in the Seventeenth Century. Physics in Perspective (pp. 110-126). (/isis/citation/CBB093646428/) unapi

Article Stefano Salvia (2020)
The Battle of the Astronomers: Johann Adam Schall von Bell and Ferdinand Verbiest at the Court of the Celestial Emperors (1660–1670). Physics in Perspective (pp. 81-109). (/isis/citation/CBB046191643/) unapi

Article Elske de Waal; Sjang L. ten Hagen (2020)
The Concept of Fact in German Physics around 1900: A Comparison between Mach and Einstein. Physics in Perspective (pp. 55-80). (/isis/citation/CBB266214579/) unapi

Article Jeroen van Dongen (2020)
In Europe. Physics in Perspective (pp. 3-25). (/isis/citation/CBB289405097/) unapi

Article Christian P. Ruhl (2020)
“It’s better to forget physics”: The Idea of the Tactical Nuclear Weapon in the Early Cold War. Physics in Perspective (pp. 26-51). (/isis/citation/CBB327730665/) unapi

Article Erich Willen (2017)
Building Magnets at Brookhaven National Laboratory: A Condensed Account. Physics in Perspective (pp. 227-290). (/isis/citation/CBB602523953/) unapi

Essay Review James R. Hofmann (2017)
Essay Review: Exploratory Experiments: Ampère, Faraday, and the Origins of Electrodynamics. Physics in Perspective. (/isis/citation/CBB180615033/) unapi


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