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Article Van Houten, Josh (2002)
A Century of Chemical Dynamics Traced through the Nobel Prizes, 1909: Wilhelm Ostwald. Journal of Chemical Education (p. 146). (/isis/citation/CBB000202501/) unapi

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Correspondence with Sir Lawrence Bragg Regarding Evidence for the Ionic Bond. Journal of Chemical Education (p. 953). (/isis/citation/CBB000202505/) unapi

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Leopold's Workbench: The Hapsburg-Lorraine Grand Duke and Chemistry. Journal of Chemical Education (p. 47). (/isis/citation/CBB000202500/) unapi

Review Stanitski, Conrad (2002)
Review of "Chemistry, Society and Environment: A New History of the British Chemical Industry". Journal of Chemical Education. (/isis/citation/CBB000202504/) unapi

Review Kovac, Jeffrey (2002)
Review of "Oxygen: A Play in Two Acts". Journal of Chemical Education. (/isis/citation/CBB000202503/) unapi

Article Van Houten, Josh (2002)
A Century of Chemical Dynamics Traced through the Nobel Prizes, 1903: Svante Arrhenius. Journal of Chemical Education (p. 21). (/isis/citation/CBB000202499/) unapi

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Nobel Centennial Essay: J. van't Hoff. Journal of Chemical Education. (/isis/citation/CBB000100087/) unapi

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Article Scerri, Eric R. (2000)
Philosophy of chemistry--a new interdisciplinary field?. Journal of Chemical Education (p. 522). (/isis/citation/CBB000110183/) unapi

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Where did ion selective electrodes come from? The story of their development and commercialization. Journal of Chemical Education (pp. 159-166). (/isis/citation/CBB000075313/) unapi

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A history of the structural theory of benzene: The aromatic sextet rule and Hückel's rule. Journal of Chemical Education (pp. 194-201). (/isis/citation/CBB000075315/) unapi

Article Klotz, Irving M. (1997)
Captives of their fantasies: The German atomic bomb scientists. Journal of Chemical Education (pp. 204-208). (/isis/citation/CBB000075322/) unapi

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Metal Hydrides and the dawn of the atomic age. Journal of Chemical Education (pp. 205-208). (/isis/citation/CBB000067506/) unapi

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Lejaren A. Hiller, Jr.: A memorial tribute to a chemist-composer. Journal of Chemical Education (pp. 601-607). (/isis/citation/CBB000067527/) unapi


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