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Article Pierluigi D’Agostino (2024)
Johann Nikolaus Tetens (1736–1807) and the Idea of Phoneme: A Chapter in the History of Linguistic Thought. HOPOS (pp. 185-209). (/isis/citation/CBB652941840/) unapi

Article Matteo De Benedetto (2024)
What Conceptual Engineering Can Learn from the History of Philosophy of Science: Healthy Externalism and Metasemantic Plasticity. HOPOS (pp. 1-24). (/isis/citation/CBB177118865/) unapi

Article Ivan Ferreira da Cunha (2024)
Otto Neurath’s Modernist Utopianism: Linking the Vienna Circle and H. G. Wells. HOPOS (pp. 25-51). (/isis/citation/CBB562190286/) unapi

Article Lucie Fabry (2024)
Cross-Perspectives on the Construction of Scientific Facts: Latour and Woolgar as Readers of Bachelard. HOPOS (pp. 52-77). (/isis/citation/CBB095854441/) unapi

Article Lukas M. Verburgt (2024)
Scientific Method, Induction, and Probability: The Whewell–De Morgan Debate on Baconianism, 1830s–1850s. HOPOS (pp. 134-163). (/isis/citation/CBB088934341/) unapi

Article Domenica Romagni (2024)
“To Measure by a Known Measure”: Kepler’s Geometrical Epistemology in the Harmonices Mundi Libri V. HOPOS (pp. 103-133). (/isis/citation/CBB941936342/) unapi

Article Katarina Mihaljević (2023)
Breaking into British Academic Life in Second World War Britain: The Story of Rose Rand. HOPOS (pp. 297-316). (/isis/citation/CBB137699334/) unapi

Article Jutta Schickore (2023)
“Dare Explanations” (Wagerklärungen): Hypothetical Thinking in Late Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century German Philosophy of Science. HOPOS (pp. 387-412). (/isis/citation/CBB103763091/) unapi

Article Pierre-Olivier Méthot (2023)
Jacob versus Monod on the Natural Selection of Ideas. HOPOS (pp. 492-510). (/isis/citation/CBB694704544/) unapi

Article Arantza Etxeberria Agiriano (2023)
Jacob’s Understanding of Reproduction: Challenges from an Organismic Collaborative Framework. HOPOS (pp. 535-553). (/isis/citation/CBB131414393/) unapi

Review Jeremy Dunham (2023)
Review of "Analytical Essay on the Faculties of the Soul". HOPOS. (/isis/citation/CBB946828040/) unapi

Article Hans-Jörg Rheinberger (2023)
Remarks on François Jacob’s Concept of Integron. HOPOS (pp. 483-491). (/isis/citation/CBB370506810/) unapi

Article Nick Hopwood (2023)
A Sexless Universe: How Microbial Genetics Shaped the First History of Reproduction, François Jacob’s The Logic of Life. HOPOS (pp. 511-534). (/isis/citation/CBB946531335/) unapi

Article Lydia Patton (2023)
Editor’s Note. HOPOS (pp. 453-453). (/isis/citation/CBB719206670/) unapi

Review Javier Anta (2023)
Review of "Logical Empiricism and the Physical Sciences: From Philosophy of Nature to Philosophy of Physics". HOPOS. (/isis/citation/CBB755504152/) unapi

Review Catherine Legg (2023)
Review of "Pragmatism’s Evolution: Organism and Environment in American Philosophy". HOPOS. (/isis/citation/CBB971227145/) unapi

Article Daniele Cozzoli (2023)
The Logic of Life, the Creation of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, and the Relation between Molecular Biology and Physics. HOPOS (pp. 463-482). (/isis/citation/CBB750340791/) unapi

Article Pierre-Olivier Méthot; Florence Vienne (2023)
Special Section Introduction. HOPOS (pp. 454-462). (/isis/citation/CBB329719542/) unapi

Article Zina B. Ward (2023)
William Whewell, Cluster Theorist of Kinds. HOPOS (pp. 362-386). (/isis/citation/CBB683562109/) unapi

Review Brandon Long (2023)
Review of "The Science of Proof: Forensic Medicine in Modern France". HOPOS. (/isis/citation/CBB323504103/) unapi


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