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History of European Ideas

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Article Sarah E. Parker (2016)
The Reader as Authorial Figure in Scientific Debate. History of European Ideas (pp. 694-706). (/isis/citation/CBB342643342/) unapi

Article Sara Miglietti (2016)
The Censor as Reader: Censorial Responses to Bodin's Methodus in Counter-Reformation Italy (1587–1607). History of European Ideas (pp. 707-721). (/isis/citation/CBB939734836/) unapi

Article Andie Silva (2016)
Mediated Technologies: Locating Non-Authorial Agency in Printed and Digital Texts. History of European Ideas (pp. 607-617). (/isis/citation/CBB461035198/) unapi

Article Thomas Denman (2016)
A Gift Text of Hispano-Neapolitan Diplomacy: Giovan Battista Manso's Erocallia (1628). History of European Ideas (pp. 683-693). (/isis/citation/CBB166579459/) unapi

Article Jonathan R. Olson (2016)
‘Newly Amended and Much Enlarged’: Claims of Novelty and Enlargement on the Title Pages of Reprints in the Early Modern English Book Trade. History of European Ideas (pp. 618-628). (/isis/citation/CBB897105974/) unapi

Article Peter Auger (2016)
Fashioned through Use: Jacques Bellot's Rules and its Successors. History of European Ideas (pp. 651-664). (/isis/citation/CBB829207690/) unapi

Article Simon Cook (2016)
The Tragedy of Cambridge Anthropology: Edwardian Historical Thought and the Contact of Peoples. History of European Ideas (pp. 541-553). (/isis/citation/CBB416459127/) unapi

Article Martine Julia van Ittersum (2016)
Debating Natural Law in the Banda Islands: A Case Study in Anglo–Dutch Imperial Competition in the East Indies, 1609–1621. History of European Ideas (pp. 459-501). (/isis/citation/CBB912163578/) unapi

Article Matthew Binney (2016)
Interest, Trade and ‘Character and Circumstances': John Campbell's (1708–1775) Earlier Work. History of European Ideas (pp. 516-533). (/isis/citation/CBB762254563/) unapi

Review Pedro Faria (2016)
Review of "Reflecting Subjects: Passion, Sympathy, and Society in Hume's Philosophy". History of European Ideas. (/isis/citation/CBB014416918/) unapi

Article Christophe Depoortère; Thomas Ruellou (2016)
An Insight into Dugald Stewart's Interest and Influence in Political Economy from a Letter to Thomas Robert Malthus, 1820. History of European Ideas (pp. 534-540). (/isis/citation/CBB488948188/) unapi

Article Eva Marlene Hausteiner (2016)
Managing the World: Conceptions of Imperial Rule Between Republicanism and Technocracy. History of European Ideas (pp. 570-584). (/isis/citation/CBB938368755/) unapi

Article Alexander Blake Ewing (2016)
Conceptions of Reinhart Koselleck's Theory of Historical Time in the Thinking of Michael Oakeshott. History of European Ideas (pp. 412-429). (/isis/citation/CBB946107892/) unapi

Article Megan K. Dyer; Cary J. Nederman (2016)
Machiavelli against Method: Paul Feyerabend's Anti-Rationalism and Machiavellian Political ‘Science’. History of European Ideas (pp. 430-445). (/isis/citation/CBB229397149/) unapi

Article Gabriel R. Ricci (2016)
Importing Phenomenology: The Early Editorial Life of Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. History of European Ideas (pp. 399-411). (/isis/citation/CBB996429430/) unapi

Article Kathryn Ready (2016)
Anna Letitia Barbauld's ‘To Mr. Barbauld, with a Map of the Land of Matrimony’ and the History of Sentimental Cartography. History of European Ideas (pp. 350-363). (/isis/citation/CBB054922032/) unapi

Review Naomi Choi (2016)
Review of "The Cultural Politics of Analytic Philosophy: Britishness and the Spectre of Europe". History of European Ideas. (/isis/citation/CBB763679436/) unapi

Article Greg Conti (2016)
James Fitzjames Stephen, John Stuart Mill, and the Victorian Theory of Toleration. History of European Ideas (pp. 364-398). (/isis/citation/CBB278861049/) unapi

Review Kris Grint (2016)
Review of "The Book of Fallacies". History of European Ideas. (/isis/citation/CBB862850463/) unapi

Article Charles L. Griswold (2016)
Genealogical narrative and self-knowledge in Rousseau's Discourse on the Origin and the Foundations of Inequality among Men. History of European Ideas (pp. 276-301). (/isis/citation/CBB255556673/) unapi


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