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Article Eric Vandendriessche (2022)
The concrete numbers of “primitive” societies: A historiographical approach. Historia Mathematica (pp. 12-34). (/isis/citation/CBB201980517/) unapi

Article Christine Proust (2022)
The sexagesimal place-value notation and abstract numbers in mathematical cuneiform texts. Historia Mathematica (pp. 54-70). (/isis/citation/CBB388966363/) unapi

Article Miguel Valério; Silvia Ferrara (2022)
Numeracy at the dawn of writing: Mesopotamia and beyond. Historia Mathematica (pp. 35-53). (/isis/citation/CBB694933661/) unapi

Article Christine Chambris; Jana Visnovska (2022)
On the history of units in French elementary school arithmetic: The case of proportionality. Historia Mathematica (pp. 99-118). (/isis/citation/CBB935801822/) unapi

Article Xiaofei Wang (2022)
How Jean-Baptiste Delambre read ancient Greek arithmetic on the basis of the arithmetic of “complex numbers” at the turn of the 19th century. Historia Mathematica (pp. 146-163). (/isis/citation/CBB809964800/) unapi

Article Karolina Karpińska (2022)
“Denominate numbers” in mathematics school textbooks by Stefan Banach. Historia Mathematica (pp. 164-196). (/isis/citation/CBB373520195/) unapi

Article Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze (2022)
From lattices via social history to theories of modernity in mathematics: A biographical essay for Herbert Mehrtens (1946-2021). Historia Mathematica (pp. 17-34). (/isis/citation/CBB791045726/) unapi

Article Christián C. Carman (2022)
François Viète's method for calculating the eccentricity in a bisected model and its possible application to Kepler's Vicarious Hypothesis. Historia Mathematica (pp. 71-91). (/isis/citation/CBB642303099/) unapi

Article Lene Birkeland; Rolf Nossum (2022)
A letter from Malevich to Semevsky about Kovalevskaya. Historia Mathematica (pp. 92-119). (/isis/citation/CBB879238313/) unapi

Review Annette Imhausen (2021)
Review of "Mathematik im Vorderen Orient: Geschichte der Mathematik in Altägypten und Mesopotamien". Historia Mathematica. (/isis/citation/CBB857744356/) unapi

Article Michael Friedman (2021)
On Mascheroni's La geometria del compasso at the beginning of the 19th century. Historia Mathematica (pp. 55-79). (/isis/citation/CBB210159180/) unapi

Article Elías Fuentes Guillén; Davide Crippa (2021)
The 1804 examination for the chair of Elementary Mathematics at the University of Prague. Historia Mathematica (pp. 24-54). (/isis/citation/CBB710675257/) unapi

Article Andrea Del Centina; Alessandra Fiocca (2021)
The chords theorem recalled to life at the turn of the eighteenth century. Historia Mathematica (pp. 6-39). (/isis/citation/CBB673858384/) unapi

Article Alison Maidment (2021)
The Edinburgh Mathematical Laboratory and Edmund Taylor Whittaker's role in the early development of numerical analysis in Britain. Historia Mathematica (pp. 39-63). (/isis/citation/CBB992567069/) unapi

Article Ricardo Rodríguez Hurtado; Juan A. Nicolás; Javier Echeverría Ezponda (2021)
The geometric origin of perspectivist science in G.W. Leibniz. Analysis based on unpublished manuscripts. Historia Mathematica (pp. 1-22). (/isis/citation/CBB306619869/) unapi

Article Cinzia Cerroni; Aldo Brigaglia (2021)
The “Circolo Matematico di Palermo” and the First World War: The crisis of scientific internationalism: a view through the unedited correspondence of De Franchis with Edmund Landau and other mathematicians. Historia Mathematica (pp. 64-94). (/isis/citation/CBB511256664/) unapi

Article Jesper Lützen (2021)
Hjelmslev's geometry of reality. Historia Mathematica (pp. 95-116). (/isis/citation/CBB761009444/) unapi

Article Kevin Gerard Tracey (2021)
‘Disturbed’ by Euclid: Thomas Fincke and the reading of Ramist mathematics in sixteenth-century Germany. Historia Mathematica (pp. 1-40). (/isis/citation/CBB591895866/) unapi

Article June Barrow-Green (2021)
“Knowledge gained by experience”: Olaus Henrici—engineer, geometer and maker of mathematical models. Historia Mathematica (pp. 41-76). (/isis/citation/CBB299426198/) unapi

Review Laurent Mazliak (2021)
Review of "À l’aube de la théorie des quanta: Notes inédites d’Émile Borel sur un cours de Paul Langevin au Collège de France (1912-1913)". Historia Mathematica. (/isis/citation/CBB361146034/) unapi


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