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Foundations of Science

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Article Viktor Blåsjö (2022)
Operationalism: An Interpretation of the Philosophy of Ancient Greek Geometry. Foundations of Science (pp. 587-708). (/isis/citation/CBB877742567/) unapi

Article Pablo Melogno (2022)
From Externalism to Internalism: The Historiographical Development of Thomas Kuhn. Foundations of Science (pp. 371-385). (/isis/citation/CBB108930086/) unapi

Article Lars Botin (2022)
Why Heidegger Makes Sense in Contemporary Philosophy of Technology. Foundations of Science (pp. 345-350). (/isis/citation/CBB453938988/) unapi

Article Carlos Eduardo Maldonado; Eduardo Villar Concha (2022)
A Landmark in the History of Science. Foundations of Science (pp. 19-25). (/isis/citation/CBB913027524/) unapi

Article Sandy C. Boucher (2021)
Biological Teleology, Reductionism, and Verbal Disputes. Foundations of Science (pp. 859-880). (/isis/citation/CBB536738665/) unapi

Article Christophe Schinckus (2021)
The Santa Fe Institute and Econophysics: A Possible Genealogy?. Foundations of Science (pp. 925-945). (/isis/citation/CBB226941870/) unapi

Article Fabio Lusito (2021)
Science Outside Academies: An Italian Case of “Scientific Mediation”—From Joule’s Seminal Experience to Lucio Lombardo Radice’s Contemporary Attempt. Foundations of Science (pp. 757-790). (/isis/citation/CBB601448284/) unapi

Article R. A. Martins; A. P. B. Silva (2021)
Joule’s Experiments on the Heat Evolved by Metallic Conductors of Electricity. Foundations of Science (pp. 625-701). (/isis/citation/CBB867479977/) unapi

Article Antonino Drago (2021)
Joule’s Experiment as an Event Triggering a Formalization of a Baconian Science Till Up to an Alternative Theory to Newton’s One. Foundations of Science (pp. 585-605). (/isis/citation/CBB678427289/) unapi

Article Mariana Córdoba (2021)
The Biological Turn on Personal Identity: The Role of Science as a Response to Children’s Appropriation in Argentinian Dictatorship (1976–1983). Foundations of Science (pp. 405-427). (/isis/citation/CBB920009102/) unapi

Article Pilar Piqué (2021)
Ernst Cassirer’s Philosophy of Culture: An Economic Assessment of Scope and Limitations. Foundations of Science (pp. 341-354). (/isis/citation/CBB578979221/) unapi

Article Vincenzo De Risi (2021)
Euclid’s Common Notions and the Theory of Equivalence. Foundations of Science (pp. 301-324). (/isis/citation/CBB348431913/) unapi

Article Nayla Farouki; Philippe Grangier (2021)
The Einstein–Bohr Debate: Finding a Common Ground of Understanding?. Foundations of Science (pp. 97-101). (/isis/citation/CBB652432331/) unapi

Article Norah Bowman (2021)
Here/There/Everywhere: Quantum Models for Decolonizing Canadian State Onto-Epistemology. Foundations of Science (pp. 171-186). (/isis/citation/CBB544397718/) unapi

Article Aurea Anguera; Juan A. Lara; David Lizcano; et al. (2020)
Turing: The Great Unknown. Foundations of Science (pp. 1203-1225). (/isis/citation/CBB660384392/) unapi

Article Cristian Soto; Diego Romero-Maltrana (2020)
Local Selective Realism: Shifting from Classical to Quantum Electrodynamics. Foundations of Science (pp. 955-970). (/isis/citation/CBB826372933/) unapi

Article Mikhael Dua (2020)
Scientific Discovery and Its Rationality: Michael Polanyi’s Epistemological Exposition. Foundations of Science (pp. 507-518). (/isis/citation/CBB827134393/) unapi

Article Ladislav Kvasz (2020)
Cognitive Unity of Thales’ Mathematics. Foundations of Science (pp. 737-753). (/isis/citation/CBB542780608/) unapi

Article Raffaele Pisano (2020)
A Tale of Tartaglia’s Libro Sesto & La Gionta in Quesiti et Inventioni Diverse (1546–1554): Exploring the Historical and Cultural Foundations. Foundations of Science (pp. 477-505). (/isis/citation/CBB847609124/) unapi

Article Sebastian De Haro (2020)
Science and Philosophy: A Love–Hate Relationship. Foundations of Science (pp. 297-314). (/isis/citation/CBB240802012/) unapi


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