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Foundations of Chemistry

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Article Raffaele Pisano; Emilio Marco Pellegrino; Abdelkader Anakkar; et al. (2021)
Conceptual polymorphism of entropy into the history: extensions of the second law of thermodynamics towards statistical physics and chemistry during nineteenth–twentieth centuries. Foundations of Chemistry (pp. 337-378). (/isis/citation/CBB986765530/) unapi

Article E. G. Marks; J. A. Marks (2021)
Mendeleyev revisited. Foundations of Chemistry (pp. 215-223). (/isis/citation/CBB297363045/) unapi

Article Francesco Di Giacomo (2021)
Early theoretical chemistry: Plato’s chemistry in Timaeus. Foundations of Chemistry (pp. 17-30). (/isis/citation/CBB273315507/) unapi

Article Hub Zwart (2021)
Revolutionary poetry and liquid crystal chemistry: Herman Gorter, Ada Prins and the interface between literature and science. Foundations of Chemistry (pp. 115-132). (/isis/citation/CBB793952246/) unapi

Article Miguel Escribano-Cabeza (2021)
Chemistry and dynamics in the thought of G.W. Leibniz II. Foundations of Chemistry (pp. 3-16). (/isis/citation/CBB725308590/) unapi

Article Chris Campbell; Karoliina Pulkkinen (2020)
How Mendeleev issued his predictions: comment on Andrea Woody. Foundations of Chemistry (pp. 197-215). (/isis/citation/CBB534312169/) unapi

Article Justin Price (2020)
Model transfer and conceptual progress: tales from chemistry and biology. Foundations of Chemistry (pp. 43-57). (/isis/citation/CBB396720639/) unapi

Article Filip A. A. Buyse (2020)
Boyle, Spinoza and Glauber: on the philosophical redintegration of saltpeter—a reply to Antonio Clericuzio. Foundations of Chemistry (pp. 59-76). (/isis/citation/CBB902217592/) unapi

Article Martínez González, Juan Camilo; Sebastian Fortin; Olimpia Lombardi (2017)
The Relationship between Chemistry and Physics from the Perspective of Bohmian Mechanics. Foundations of Chemistry (pp. 43-59). (/isis/citation/CBB563212445/) unapi

Article José A. Chamizo (2017)
The Fifth Chemical Revolution: 1973–1999. Foundations of Chemistry (pp. 157-179). (/isis/citation/CBB384780460/) unapi

Article Elena Ghibaudi; Luigi Cerruti (2017)
Chemical Substance, Material, Product, Goods, Waste: A Changing Ontology. Foundations of Chemistry (pp. 97-123). (/isis/citation/CBB279172740/) unapi

Article Grant Fisher (2017)
Content, Design, and Representation in Chemistry. Foundations of Chemistry (pp. 17-28). (/isis/citation/CBB476625642/) unapi

Review Roderick S. Black (2017)
Review of "The Matter Factory: A History of the Chemistry Laboratory". Foundations of Chemistry. (/isis/citation/CBB283389282/) unapi

Article Manuel DeLanda (2017)
Realism and the History of Chemistry. Foundations of Chemistry (pp. 5-15). (/isis/citation/CBB726287838/) unapi

Article Andrej Dobovišek; Marko Vitas (2017)
On a Quest of Reverse Translation. Foundations of Chemistry (pp. 139-155). (/isis/citation/CBB691036547/) unapi

Article Robert Prentner (2017)
Chemistry, Context and the Objects of Thought. Foundations of Chemistry (pp. 29-41). (/isis/citation/CBB051353685/) unapi

Review George B. Kauffman; Laurie M. Kauffman (2016)
Review of "4D Visualization of Matter: Recent Collected Works". Foundations of Chemistry. (/isis/citation/CBB629594980/) unapi

Article Marina Paola Banchetti-Robino (2016)
Van Helmont’s Hybrid Ontology and Its Influence on the Chemical Interpretation of Spirit and Ferment. Foundations of Chemistry (pp. 103-112). (/isis/citation/CBB435932021/) unapi

Article Rein Vihalemm (2016)
Chemistry and the Problem of Pluralism in Science: An Analysis Concerning Philosophical and Scientific Disagreements. Foundations of Chemistry (pp. 91-102). (/isis/citation/CBB999713526/) unapi

Article Stéphane Sarrade; Jean-Pierre Llored (2016)
Connecting the Philosophy of Chemistry, Green Chemistry, and Moral Philosophy. Foundations of Chemistry (pp. 125-152). (/isis/citation/CBB546790439/) unapi


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