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Article R. Blake Brown (2021)
"Architects' mistakes should be covered with ivy and doctors' with sod": Medical Malpractice, Morton Shulman, and the "Conspiracy of Silence". Canadian Historical Review (pp. 255-278). (/isis/citation/CBB398471121/) unapi

Article Martin Robert (2021)
L'émeute des fémurs: contestations étudiantes, dissections humaines et professionnalisation de la médecine au Québec. Canadian Historical Review (pp. 525-544). (/isis/citation/CBB328485772/) unapi

Article Erika Dyck; Maureen Lux (2021)
Population Control in the "Global North"?: Canada's Response to Indigenous Reproductive Rights and Neo-Eugenics. Canadian Historical Review (pp. 876-902). (/isis/citation/CBB777030596/) unapi

Article Denyse Baillargeon (2021)
Les rapports médecins-infirmières et l'implication de la Métropolitaine dans la lutte contre la mortalité infantile, 1909–53. Canadian Historical Review (pp. 569-593). (/isis/citation/CBB138187572/) unapi

Article Mica Jorgenson; John Sandlos (2021)
Dust versus Dust: Aluminum Therapy and Silicosis in the Canadian and Global Mining Industries. Canadian Historical Review (pp. 1-26). (/isis/citation/CBB567904077/) unapi

Article Martin Petitclerc; Yvan Rousseau; François Guérard (2021)
Faire chambre à part: Patients indigents et payants dans les hôpitaux généraux de Montréal en 1911. Canadian Historical Review (pp. 570-599). (/isis/citation/CBB979451883/) unapi

Article Valérie Poirier (2020)
Expertise, Local Knowledge, and the Construction of the Automobile as an Environmental Risk in Montreal, 1960s–70s. Canadian Historical Review (pp. 397-423). (/isis/citation/CBB578582586/) unapi

Article Scott Berthelette (2020)
New France and the Hudson Bay Watershed: Transatlantic Networks, Backcountry Specialists, and French Imperial Projects in Post-Utrecht North America, 1713–29. Canadian Historical Review (pp. 1-26). (/isis/citation/CBB752642294/) unapi

Article Catherine Carstairs; Ian Mosby (2020)
Colonial Extractions: Oral Health Care and Indigenous Peoples in Canada, 1945–79. Canadian Historical Review (pp. 192-216). (/isis/citation/CBB028582001/) unapi

Article Sean Kheraj (2020)
A History of Oil Spills on Long-Distance Pipelines in Canada. Canadian Historical Review (pp. 161-191). (/isis/citation/CBB441449376/) unapi

Article Schwartz, Mallory (2013)
A 'Golden Age' of CBC Television News for the Military, 1952-1956. Canadian Historical Review (pp. 589-513). (/isis/citation/CBB001550533/) unapi

Article Clapperton, Jonathan (2013)
Naturalizing Race Relations: Conservation, Colonialism, and Spectacle at the Banff Indian Days. Canadian Historical Review (pp. 349-379). (/isis/citation/CBB001550532/) unapi

Article Leeming, Mark (2013)
The Creation of Radicalism: Anti-Nuclear Activism in Nova Scotia, c. 1972--1979. Canadian Historical Review (pp. 217-241). (/isis/citation/CBB001550537/) unapi

Article Stevens, Peter A. (2013)
“Roughing it in Comfort”: Family Cottaging and Consumer Culture in Postwar Ontario. Canadian Historical Review (pp. 234-262). (/isis/citation/CBB001550531/) unapi

Article Wilson, Catharine Anne (2013)
A Manly Art: Plowing, Plowing Matches, and Rural Masculinity in Ontario, 1800--1930. Canadian Historical Review (pp. 157-186). (/isis/citation/CBB001550536/) unapi

Article Little, J.I. (2013)
Charities, Manufactures, and Taxes: The Montreal Sisters of Providence Spruce Gum Syrup Case, 1876--78. Canadian Historical Review (pp. 54-77). (/isis/citation/CBB001550535/) unapi

Review Giesbrecht, Jodi (2013)
Review of "Temagami's Tangled Wild: Race, Gender, and the Making of Canadian Nature". Canadian Historical Review. (/isis/citation/CBB001200653/) unapi

Article Milligan, Ian (2013)
Illusionary Order: Online Databases, Optical Character Recognition, and Canadian History, 1997--2010. Canadian Historical Review (pp. 540-569). (/isis/citation/CBB001550534/) unapi

Review Hurrell, Casey (2012)
Review of "The Making of Modern Medicine: Turning Points in the Treatment of Disease". Canadian Historical Review. (/isis/citation/CBB001200656/) unapi

Review Pope, Peter (2012)
Review of "The Race to the New World: Christopher Columbus, John Cabot, and a Lost History of Discovery". Canadian Historical Review. (/isis/citation/CBB001200655/) unapi


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