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Biological Theory

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Article Lynn K. Nyhart; Scott Lidgard (2021)
Revisiting George Gaylord Simpson’s “The Role of the Individual in Evolution” (1941). Biological Theory (pp. 203-212). (/isis/citation/CBB846703326/) unapi

Article D. Vincent Riordan (2021)
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Article Harry Smit (2020)
The Cartesian Conception of the Development of the Mind and Its Neo-Aristotelian Alternative. Biological Theory (pp. 107-120). (/isis/citation/CBB675907450/) unapi

Article Michael Levin (2020)
Revisiting Burr and Northrop’s “The Electro-Dynamic Theory of Life” (1935). Biological Theory (pp. 83-90). (/isis/citation/CBB332792554/) unapi

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Aging, DNA Information, and Authorship: Medawar, Schrödinger, and Samuel Butler. Biological Theory (pp. 50-55). (/isis/citation/CBB676773689/) unapi

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Can We Talk About Feminist Epistemic Values Beyond Gender? Lessons from the Gut Microbiome. Biological Theory (pp. 25-38). (/isis/citation/CBB112503055/) unapi

Article Giovanni Boniolo; Raffaella Campaner (2020)
Life Sciences for Philosophers and Philosophy for Life Scientists: What Should We Teach?. Biological Theory (pp. 1-11). (/isis/citation/CBB679795459/) unapi

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Is Evolutionary Psychology Possible?. Biological Theory (pp. 39-49). (/isis/citation/CBB481995352/) unapi

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Article Wortmann, Hendrik (2013)
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Article Mason, Paul H. (2010)
Degeneracy at Multiple Levels of Complexity. Biological Theory (p. 277). (/isis/citation/CBB001230113/) unapi


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