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Article Harriet V. Hunt; Hongen Jiang; Xinyi Liu; et al. (2024)
Did crops expand in tandem with culinary practices from their region of origin? Evidence from ancient DNA and material culture. Antiquity (pp. 12-29). (/isis/citation/CBB741264415/) unapi

Article Jamsranjav Bayarsaikhan; Tsagaan Turbat; Chinbold Bayandelger; et al. (2024)
The origins of saddles and riding technology in East Asia: discoveries from the Mongolian Altai. Antiquity (pp. 102-118). (/isis/citation/CBB689350392/) unapi

Article Dimitri Van Limbergen; Paulina Komar (2024)
Making wine in earthenware vessels: a comparative approach to Roman vinification. Antiquity (pp. 85-101). (/isis/citation/CBB819412241/) unapi

Article Sarah Inskip; Craig Cessford; Jenna Dittmar; et al. (2023)
Pathways to the medieval hospital: collective osteobiographies of poverty and charity. Antiquity (pp. 1581-1597). (/isis/citation/CBB666970001/) unapi

Article Antony G. Brown; Daniel Fallu; Sara Cucchiaro; et al. (2023)
Early to Middle Bronze Age agricultural terraces in north-east England: morphology, dating and cultural implications. Antiquity (pp. 348-366). (/isis/citation/CBB138110130/) unapi

Article Helena Kirchner; Guillermo García-Contreras; Corisande Fenwick; et al. (2023)
Re-thinking the ‘Green Revolution’ in the Mediterranean world. Antiquity (pp. 964-974). (/isis/citation/CBB920891604/) unapi

Article Marianne Moen; Neil Price; Unn Pedersen (2023)
Archaeological knowledge production: reading mortuary reconstructions. Antiquity (pp. 231-240). (/isis/citation/CBB104281539/) unapi

Article Yunshi Huang; Zhenhua Deng; Hassan Fazeli Nashli; et al. (2023)
The early adoption of East Asian crops in West Asia: rice and broomcorn millet in northern Iran. Antiquity (pp. 674-689). (/isis/citation/CBB654841261/) unapi

Article Antonio Blanco-González; Juan Jesús Padilla-Fernández; Alberto Dorado-Alejos (2023)
Mobile craftspeople and orientalising transculturation in seventh-century BC Iberia. Antiquity (pp. 908-926). (/isis/citation/CBB799302399/) unapi

Article Cristina Boschetti; Laura di Siena; Jan Kindberg Jacobsen; et al. (2023)
Disease control and the disposal of infectious materials in Renaissance Rome: excavations in the area of Caesar's Forum. Antiquity (pp. 690-706). (/isis/citation/CBB546500854/) unapi

Article Emlyn Dodd; Giuliana Galli; Riccardo Frontoni (2023)
The spectacle of production: a Roman imperial winery at the Villa of the Quintilii, Rome. Antiquity (pp. 436-453). (/isis/citation/CBB544764208/) unapi

Article Juan Antonio Quirós Castillo; Josu Narbarte; Eneko Iriarte (2023)
What is a village? Agroscapes, collective action and medieval villages in northern Iberia. Antiquity (pp. 1279-1295). (/isis/citation/CBB170906543/) unapi

Article Valerii Kavruk; Dan Lucian Buzea; Anthony Harding (2023)
A Bronze Age salt production technique from Transylvania and western Ukraine. Antiquity (pp. 616-635). (/isis/citation/CBB310441967/) unapi

Article Jennifer Bates; Jungwoo Choi (2023)
Different strategies in Indus agriculture: the goals and outcomes of farming choices. Antiquity (pp. 1488-1500). (/isis/citation/CBB946704894/) unapi

Article Chelsea Fisher (2023)
Monumentality as traditional ecological knowledge in the northern Maya lowlands. Antiquity (pp. 386-402). (/isis/citation/CBB368622810/) unapi

Article Haiming Li; Yufeng Sun; Ying Yang; et al. (2022)
Water and soil management strategies and the introduction of wheat and barley to northern China: an isotopic analysis of cultivation on the Loess Plateau. Antiquity (pp. 1478-1494). (/isis/citation/CBB551978890/) unapi

Article Timothy Darvill (2022)
Keeping time at Stonehenge. Antiquity (pp. 319-335). (/isis/citation/CBB529898108/) unapi

Article R. J. Sinensky; Gregson Schachner; Richard H. Wilshusen; et al. (2022)
Volcanic climate forcing, extreme cold and the Neolithic Transition in the northern US Southwest. Antiquity (pp. 123-141). (/isis/citation/CBB658510193/) unapi

Article Matthew E. Biwer; Willy Yépez Álvarez; Stefanie L. Bautista; et al. (2022)
Hallucinogens, alcohol and shifting leadership strategies in the ancient Peruvian Andes. Antiquity (pp. 142-158). (/isis/citation/CBB959512602/) unapi

Article Rosie R. Bishop; Darren R. Gröcke; Ian Ralston; et al. (2022)
Scotland's first farmers: new insights into early farming practices in North-west Europe. Antiquity (pp. 1087-1104). (/isis/citation/CBB957907380/) unapi


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