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Article R. J. Sinensky; Gregson Schachner; Richard H. Wilshusen; et al. (2022)
Volcanic climate forcing, extreme cold and the Neolithic Transition in the northern US Southwest. Antiquity (pp. 123-141). (/isis/citation/CBB658510193/) unapi

Article Niccolò Mazzucco; Amalia Sabanov; Ferran Antolín; et al. (2022)
The spread of agriculture in south-eastern Europe: new data from North Macedonia. Antiquity (pp. 15-33). (/isis/citation/CBB850280233/) unapi

Article Sam Turner; Tim Kinnaird; Günder Varinlioğlu; et al. (2021)
Agricultural terraces in the Mediterranean: medieval intensification revealed by OSL profiling and dating. Antiquity (pp. 773-790). (/isis/citation/CBB517638709/) unapi

Article Carina Bennerhag; Lena Grandin; Eva Hjärtner-Holdar; et al. (2021)
Hunter-gatherer metallurgy in the Early Iron Age of Northern Fennoscandia. Antiquity (pp. 1511-1526). (/isis/citation/CBB937905243/) unapi

Article Bleda S. Düring; Sarah De Ceuster; Patrick Degryse; et al. (2021)
Transformative copper metallurgy in Chalcolithic Cyprus: a reappraisal. Antiquity (pp. 670-685). (/isis/citation/CBB625298123/) unapi

Article Vicente Lull; Cristina Rihuete-Herrada; Roberto Risch; et al. (2021)
Emblems and spaces of power during the Argaric Bronze Age at La Almoloya, Murcia. Antiquity (pp. 329-348). (/isis/citation/CBB800135512/) unapi

Article Hugh Willmott; Peter Townend; Diana Mahoney Swales; et al. (2020)
A Black Death mass grave at Thornton Abbey: the discovery and examination of a fourteenth-century rural catastrophe. Antiquity (pp. 179-196). (/isis/citation/CBB496182916/) unapi

Article Yuan Jing; Roderick Campbell; Lorenzo Castellano; et al. (2020)
Subsistence and persistence: agriculture in the Central Plains of China through the Neolithic to Bronze Age transition. Antiquity (pp. 900-915). (/isis/citation/CBB995951994/) unapi

Article Colin P. Quinn; Horia Ciugudean; Gabriel Bălan; et al. (2020)
Rethinking time, culture and socioeconomic organisation in Bronze Age Transylvania. Antiquity (pp. 44-61). (/isis/citation/CBB109057830/) unapi

Article Eric Tourigny (2020)
Do all dogs go to heaven? Tracking human-animal relationships through the archaeological survey of pet cemeteries. Antiquity (pp. 1614-1629). (/isis/citation/CBB513025028/) unapi

Article Eleanor R. Standley (2020)
Love and hope: emotions, dress accessories and a plough in later medieval Britain, c. AD 1250–1500. Antiquity (pp. 742-759). (/isis/citation/CBB040846974/) unapi

Article Callaghan, Richard T. (2015)
Drift Voyages across the Mid-Atlantic. Antiquity (pp. 724-731). (/isis/citation/CBB001422600/) unapi

Article Meicun, Lin; Zhang, Ran (2015)
Zheng He's Voyages to Hormuz: The Archaeological Evidence. Antiquity (pp. 417-432). (/isis/citation/CBB001422592/) unapi

Article Insoll, Timothy; Clack, Timothy; Rege, Olirege (2015)
Mursi Ox Modification in the Lower Omo Valley and the Interpretation of Cattle Rock Art in Ethiopia. Antiquity (pp. 91-105). (/isis/citation/CBB001422585/) unapi

Article Nicholson, Paul T.; Ikram, Salima; Mills, Steve (2015)
The Catacombs of Anubis at North Saqqara. Antiquity (pp. 645-661). (/isis/citation/CBB001422597/) unapi

Article Yener, K. Aslihan; Kulakoglu, Fikri; Yazgan, Evren; et al. (2015)
New Tin Mines and Production Sites near Kültepe in Turkey: A Third-Millennium BC Highland Production Model. Antiquity (pp. 596-612). (/isis/citation/CBB001422596/) unapi

Article Pawlik, Alfred F.; Piper, Philip J.; Wood, Rachel E.; et al. (2015)
Shell Tool Technology in Island Southeast Asia: An Early Middle Holocene Tridacna Adze from Ilin Island, Mindoro, Philippines. Antiquity (pp. 292-308). (/isis/citation/CBB001422589/) unapi

Article Borrell, Ferran; Bosch, Josep; Majó, Tona (2015)
Life and Death in the Neolithic Variscite Mines at Gavà (Barcelona, Spain). Antiquity (pp. 72-90). (/isis/citation/CBB001422584/) unapi

Article Zralka, Jarosolaw; Koszkul, Wieslaw (2015)
Archaeological evidence for ancient Maya water management: The case of Nakum, Petén, Guatemala. Antiquity (pp. 397-416). (/isis/citation/CBB001422591/) unapi

Article Roustaei, Kourosh; Mashkour, Marjan; Tengberg, Margareta (2015)
Tappeh Sang-e Chakhmaq and the Beginning of the Neolithic in North-East Iran. Antiquity (pp. 573-595). (/isis/citation/CBB001422595/) unapi


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