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Article Günter Dörfel; Ernst Weihreter (2021)
The Fifty Percent Machines—A Short History of Influence Machines and an Elementary Theory of Their Efficiency: An Attempt. Annalen der Physik (p. 2000465). (/isis/citation/CBB062159175/) unapi

Article Tilman Sauer (2021)
Soldner, Einstein, Gravitational Light Deflection and Factors of Two. Annalen der Physik (p. 2100203). (/isis/citation/CBB321888925/) unapi

Article B. Cameron Reed (2020)
Walther Bothe's Graphite: Physics, Impurities, and Blame in the German Nuclear Program. Annalen der Physik (p. 2000121). (/isis/citation/CBB340773011/) unapi

Article Terry Quinn (2019)
Wilhelm Foerster's Role in the Metre Convention of 1875 and in the Early Years of the International Committee for Weights and Measures. Annalen der Physik (p. 1800355). (/isis/citation/CBB401364988/) unapi

Article B. Cameron Reed (2018)
From Fission to Censorship: 18 Months on the Road to the Bomb. Annalen der Physik (p. 1700455). (/isis/citation/CBB100947755/) unapi

Article Arianna Borrelli (2018)
The Weinberg-Salam Model of Electroweak Interactions: Ingenious Discovery or Lucky Hunch?. Annalen der Physik (p. 1700454). (/isis/citation/CBB576010610/) unapi

Article Helge Kragh (2018)
The Lorenz Number and the Lorenz Gauge—Known Concepts, Unknown Physicist. Annalen der Physik (p. 1800204). (/isis/citation/CBB634151917/) unapi

Article Gerd Graßhoff; Gordon Fischer (2018)
Copernicus's Heliograph at Olsztyn: The 500th Anniversary of a Scientific Milestone. Annalen der Physik (p. 1800196). (/isis/citation/CBB170825984/) unapi

Article Marta Jordi Taltavull (2018)
The Uncertain Limits Between Classical and Quantum Physics: Optical Dispersion and Bohr's Atomic Model. Annalen der Physik (p. 1800104). (/isis/citation/CBB886319357/) unapi

Article Adrian Wüthrich (2017)
Discovering and “rediscovering” the W boson. Annalen der Physik (p. 1700101). (/isis/citation/CBB221021246/) unapi

Article Blai Pié i Valls; Enric Pérez (2016)
The Historical Role of the Adiabatic Principle in Bohr's Quantum Theory. Annalen der Physik (pp. 530-534). (/isis/citation/CBB403893431/) unapi

Article Peter Kasten (2016)
The Search for Electron Rings Inside Atoms Led to the Debye-Scherrer Method. Annalen der Physik (pp. 761-764). (/isis/citation/CBB667679508/) unapi

Article Jean-Philippe Martinez (2016)
The Hartree-Fock method: from self-consistency to correct symmetry. Annalen der Physik (p. 1600328). (/isis/citation/CBB845409443/) unapi

Article Konstantin S. Kiprijanov (2016)
Chaos and Beauty in a Beaker: The Early History of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction. Annalen der Physik (pp. 233-237). (/isis/citation/CBB743562275/) unapi

Article Alexander S. Blum; Roberto Lalli; Jürgen Renn (2016)
The Renaissance of General Relativity: How and Why It Happened. Annalen der Physik (pp. 344-349). (/isis/citation/CBB835131359/) unapi

Article Hartmut Hecht (2016)
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and the Origin of the Principle of Least Action – a Never Ending Story. Annalen der Physik (pp. 641-646). (/isis/citation/CBB198666566/) unapi

Article Hon, Giora; Goldstein, Bernard R. (2013)
J. J. Thomson's Plum-Pudding Atomic Model: The Making of a Scientific Myth. Annalen der Physik (pp. 129-133). (/isis/citation/CBB001451039/) unapi

Article Hon, Giora; Goldstein, Bernard R. (2013)
Centenary of the Franck-Hertz Experiments. Annalen der Physik (pp. 179-183). (/isis/citation/CBB001451040/) unapi

Article Centenary of the quantum theory Part II (2001). Annalen der Physik (p. 35). (/isis/citation/CBB000102518/) unapi


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