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Review Allen I. Janis (2016)
Review of "The Road to Relativity: The History and Meaning of Einstein's "The Foundation of General Relativity" Featuring the Original Manuscript of Einstein's Masterpiece". American Journal of Physics. (/isis/citation/CBB811556840/) unapi

Review Spencer Weart (2016)
Review of "Tunnel Visions: The Rise and Fall of the Superconducting Super Collider". American Journal of Physics. (/isis/citation/CBB283384623/) unapi

Article Chris Rorres (2016)
Archimedes' Floating Bodies on a Spherical Earth. American Journal of Physics (pp. 61-70). (/isis/citation/CBB410118444/) unapi

Article Colm O'Sullivan (2016)
Some Reflections on the Role of Semi-Classical Atomic Models in the Teaching and Learning of Introductory Quantum Mechanics. American Journal of Physics (pp. 211-215). (/isis/citation/CBB634033973/) unapi

Article David Topper; Dwight Vincent (2016)
Einstein's Lecture in Pittsburgh, Pa, December 1934: A Note on Further Visual Documentation. American Journal of Physics (pp. 403-406). (/isis/citation/CBB263931821/) unapi

Article William W. Hackborn (2016)
On Motion in a Resisting Medium: A Historical Perspective. American Journal of Physics (pp. 127-134). (/isis/citation/CBB062918630/) unapi

Article Harvey R. Brown; James Read (2016)
Clarifying Possible Misconceptions in the Foundations of General Relativity. American Journal of Physics (pp. 327-334). (/isis/citation/CBB111561809/) unapi

Review Michael Nauenberg (2016)
Review of "To Explain the World: The Discovery of Modern Science". American Journal of Physics. (/isis/citation/CBB262184309/) unapi

Article Matteo Leone; Nadia Robotti (2015)
Chasing the Ghost Particle: The Long and Winding Road Toward the Detection of Solar Neutrinos. American Journal of Physics (pp. 873-880). (/isis/citation/CBB517819826/) unapi

Article Sascha Grusche (2015)
Revealing the Nature of the Final Image in Newton's Experimentum Crucis. American Journal of Physics (pp. 583-589). (/isis/citation/CBB939681601/) unapi

Article David E. Meltzer; Valerie K. Otero (2015)
A Brief History of Physics Education in the United States. American Journal of Physics (pp. 447-458). (/isis/citation/CBB763880389/) unapi

Article Jayson, Joel S. (2014)
The Daniell cell, Ohm's law, and the emergence of the International System of Units. American Journal of Physics (p. 60). (/isis/citation/CBB001202178/) unapi

Review Philbrick, Russell (2014)
Review of "Probing the Sky with Radio Waves: From Wireless Technology to the Development of Atmospheric Science". American Journal of Physics. (/isis/citation/CBB001202187/) unapi

Review Nauenberg, Michael (2014)
Review of "Magnificent Principia: Exploring Isaac Newton's Masterpiece". American Journal of Physics. (/isis/citation/CBB001202188/) unapi

Review Wellerstein, Alex (2014)
Review of "The History and Science of the Manhattan Project". American Journal of Physics. (/isis/citation/CBB001202186/) unapi

Article Smith, Glenn S. (2013)
Faraday's First Dynamo: A Retrospective. American Journal of Physics. (/isis/citation/CBB001320909/) unapi

Article Assis, A. K. T.; Chaib, J. P. M. C. (2012)
Ampère's Motor: Its History and the Controversies Surrounding its Working Mechanism. American Journal of Physics. (/isis/citation/CBB001320910/) unapi

Article Alistair Kwan (2011)
Vernier Scales and Other Early Devices for Precise Measurement. American Journal of Physics (pp. 368-373). (/isis/citation/CBB616972181/) unapi

Article Herzenberg, Caroline L. (2008)
Speaking of Lessons from the History of Science, Does the Name “Hermann” Ring a Bell?. American Journal of Physics. (/isis/citation/CBB001320914/) unapi

Review King, John (2003)
Review of "Wireless: From Marconi's Black-Box to the Audion". American Journal of Physics. (/isis/citation/CBB000300117/) unapi


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