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Book Fabio Lando (2020)
Per una storia del moderno pensiero geografico: passaggi significativi. (/isis/citation/CBB728161832/) unapi

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The Kuhnian Image of Science: Time for a Decisive Transformation?. (/isis/citation/CBB467396888/) unapi

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Scaling Moore's Wall: Existing Institutions and the End of a Technology Paradigm. (/isis/citation/CBB887622899/) unapi

Essay Review Diogo Meyer (2016)
Science that Matters. Science and Education. (/isis/citation/CBB633563408/) unapi

Article Fritz Krafft (2016)
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Chapter Pietro Daniel Omodeo (2016)
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Article Francesco Bianchi (2016)
The Artificial Roots of Synthetic Biology: Comparing Two Histories of Science. Physis: Rivista Internazionale di Storia della Scienza. (/isis/citation/CBB754761141/) unapi

Chapter Harry Collins (2016)
The Notion of Incommensurability. In: Shifting Paradigms: Thomas S. Kuhn and the History of Science (pp. 253-258). (/isis/citation/CBB981895487/) unapi

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Shifting Paradigms: Thomas S. Kuhn and the History of Science. (/isis/citation/CBB226022591/) unapi

Chapter Renato Migliorato (2016)
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Article Rein Vihalemm (2016)
Chemistry, Paradigms, and a View of Epistemic Pluralism: To the Issue of the Nature of Disagreements in Philosophy and in Science. Acta Baltica historiae et philosophiae scientiarum (pp. 114-123). (/isis/citation/CBB608614670/) unapi

Thesis Ian Michael Hegger (2016)
Nothing to Disagree About: Aristotle, Newton, and the Existence of Void as Seen Through a Kuhnian Lens. (/isis/citation/CBB112799880/) unapi


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