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Article Jeffrey Bartos (2021)
The Accumulated Knowledge of a Thousand Generations: U.S. Mining Engineers as Public Intellectuals, 1885–1920. Technology and Culture (pp. 1172-1198). (/isis/citation/CBB750493860/) unapi

Book Jessica M. Smith (2021)
Extracting Accountability: Engineers and Corporate Social Responsibility. (/isis/citation/CBB663655371/) unapi

Article Kacey Beddoes (2021)
Examining Privilege in Engineering Socialization Through the Stories of Newcomer Engineers. Engineering Studies (pp. 158-179). (/isis/citation/CBB981184504/) unapi

Article June Barrow-Green (2021)
“Knowledge gained by experience”: Olaus Henrici—engineer, geometer and maker of mathematical models. Historia Mathematica (pp. 41-76). (/isis/citation/CBB299426198/) unapi

Article Stathis Arapostathis; Anna Guagnini (2021)
Living in between: The commercial side of Silvanus P. Thompson's engineering. Centaurus: International Magazine of the History of Mathematics, Science, and Technology (pp. 499-512). (/isis/citation/CBB059481221/) unapi

Book Rolf Torstendahl (2021)
Engineers in Western Europe: Ascent—and Decline?: A Profession Torn Between Technology and Economy, 1850–1990, with Outlooks to the Present. (/isis/citation/CBB670030311/) unapi

Article Brent K. Jesiek; Natascha T. Buswell; Swetha Nittala (2021)
Performing at the Boundaries: Narratives of Early Career Engineering Practice. Engineering Studies (pp. 86-110). (/isis/citation/CBB321049412/) unapi

Article Chang-Xue Shu (2021)
Unspoken Modernity: Bamboo-Reinforced Concrete, China 1901-40. HOST: Journal of History of Science and Technology (pp. 88-120). (/isis/citation/CBB576212218/) unapi

Book Alberto Mirandola (2021)
Enrico Bernardi e il suo archivio. (/isis/citation/CBB341481466/) unapi

Article Samantha R. Brunhaver; Brent K. Jesiek; Russell F. Korte; et al. (2021)
The Early Career Years of Engineering: Crossing the Threshold Between Education and Practice. Engineering Studies (pp. 79-85). (/isis/citation/CBB814850327/) unapi

Article Roy Kozlovsky (December 2020)
Technology transfer of urban highways and interchange design in the 1960s: The case of the Ayalon Crosstown Expressway, Israel. The Journal of Transport History (pp. 434-457). (/isis/citation/CBB068147813/) unapi

Article Chih-Yuan Yang (September 2020)
Film Review: Dang jiaoshou yushang heishou: Sujiao shechu chengxing de shidai fengyun 當教授遇上黑手:塑膠射出成型的時代風雲 [When Professor Meets Black Hand: The Era of Plastic Injection Molding]. East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal (pp. 563-567). (/isis/citation/CBB563365650/) unapi

Article Tan, YING JIA (May 2020)
Dreamscapes of Accelerated Development: Uses and Abuses iof Artist Impressions in John L. Savage's Yangtze Gorges Proposal, 1944-1946. Technology's Stories. (/isis/citation/CBB659512319/) unapi

Article Jacqueline Rohde; Derrick J. Satterfield; Miguel Rodriguez; et al. (2020)
Anyone, but not Everyone: Undergraduate Engineering Students’ Claims of Who Can Do Engineering. Engineering Studies (pp. 82-103). (/isis/citation/CBB610221987/) unapi

Article Owen Marshall (2020)
Shibboleths in the studio: Informal demarcation practices among audio engineers. Social Studies of Science (pp. 881-900). (/isis/citation/CBB736386887/) unapi

Article Rachel E. Friedensen; Sarah Rodriguez; Erin Doran (2020)
The Making of ‘Ideal’ Electrical and Computer Engineers: A Departmental Document Analysis. Engineering Studies (pp. 104-126). (/isis/citation/CBB612848872/) unapi

Article Natalia Nikiforova (2020)
The Future of Electricity and Electricity as the Future: The Sociotechnical Imagination of Russian Electrical Engineers in the 19th Century. Acta Baltica historiae et philosophiae scientiarum (pp. 93-114). (/isis/citation/CBB682227369/) unapi

Book W. Patrick McCray (2020)
Making Art Work: How Cold War Engineers and Artists Forged a New Creative Culture. (/isis/citation/CBB401442708/) unapi

Article Nan Wang (2020)
Origin and Operation of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: An Interaction between Expertise and Politics. Engineering Studies (pp. 39-57). (/isis/citation/CBB598726987/) unapi

Article Anderson, John L. (Winter 2019)
President's Perspective: What Is Engineering?. The Bridge: Journal of the National Academy of Engineering (pp. 4-5). (/isis/citation/CBB982176398/) unapi


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