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Book Sara E. Black (2022)
Drugging France: Mind-Altering Medicine in the Long Nineteenth Century. (/isis/citation/CBB100452937/) unapi

Book Anita Guerrini (2022)
Experimenting with Humans and Animals: From Aristotle to CRISPR. (/isis/citation/CBB030333227/) unapi

Thesis Charlotte Mary Duffee (2022)
Fractures: A History and Philosophy of Patient Suffering in 20th-Century American Medicine. (/isis/citation/CBB699793549/) unapi

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Written on the Body: Selves, Communities, and the Sense of Pain in Early Modern England, 1600–1700. In: Embodiment, expertise, and ethics in early modern Europe: entangling the senses (pp. 154-177). (/isis/citation/CBB526071159/) unapi

Book Ron E. Hassner (2022)
Anatomy of Torture. (/isis/citation/CBB586193994/) unapi

Article Guido Giglioni (2022)
The Pain and Pleasure of Being Oneself : Telesio Interprets Hippocrates. Bruniana & Campanelliana: Ricerche Filosofiche e Materiali Storico-testuali (pp. 269-278). (/isis/citation/CBB788301440/) unapi

Chapter Laine Nooney (2022)
"Have Any Remedies for Tired Eyes?": Computer Pain as Computer History. In: Abstractions and Embodiments: New Histories of Computing and Society. (/isis/citation/CBB784815113/) unapi

Article Tarquin Holmes (2021)
Science, sensitivity and the sociozoological scale: Constituting and complicating the human-animal boundary at the 1875 Royal Commission on Vivisection and beyond. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science (pp. 194-207). (/isis/citation/CBB079918903/) unapi

Article John Jarrell; Frank W. Stahnisch (2021)
Contextualizing ovarian pain in the late 19th century — Part 2: Ovarian-based treatments of “hysteria”. Journal of the History of the Neurosciences (pp. 375-389). (/isis/citation/CBB149729279/) unapi

Article John Jarrell; Frank W. Stahnisch (2021)
Contextualizing ovarian pain in the late 19th century — Part 1: Women with “hysteria” and “hystero-epilepsy”. Journal of the History of the Neurosciences (pp. 315-328). (/isis/citation/CBB184880183/) unapi

Article Eve-Riina Hyrkäs (2021)
Psychosomatic Pain? The Meanings of Musculoskeletal Affliction in Finnish Medicine, ca. 1950–2000. European Journal for the History of Medicine and Health (pp. 128-154). (/isis/citation/CBB762858243/) unapi

Article R Gregory Lande (2020)
American Civil War medical practice, the post-bellum opium crisis and modern comparisons. History of Psychiatry (pp. 483-494). (/isis/citation/CBB124135559/) unapi

Article Tudor M. Baetu (2020)
Pain in psychology, biology and medicine: Some implications for pain eliminativism. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences (p. 101292). (/isis/citation/CBB031375773/) unapi

Book Laurence Talairach (2020)
Gothic Remains: Corpses, Terror and Anatomical Culture, 1764–1897. (/isis/citation/CBB210626437/) unapi

Article Agnes Arnold-Forster (2020)
Gender and Pain in Nineteenth-Century Cancer Care. Gender and History (pp. 13-29). (/isis/citation/CBB358388615/) unapi

Article Ashwak Sam Hauter (2020)
Madness, Pain, & Ikhtilāṭ al-ʿaql: Conceptualizing Ibn Abī Ṣādiq’s Medico-Philosophical Psychology. Early Science and Medicine: A Journal for the Study of Science, Technology and Medicine in the Pre-modern Period (pp. 453-479). (/isis/citation/CBB550407955/) unapi

Article Wendy Kline (2020)
Psychedelic Birth: Bodies, Boundaries and the Perception of Pain in the 1970s. Gender and History (pp. 70-85). (/isis/citation/CBB544799873/) unapi

Article Laura M. Carpenter (2020)
If You Prick Us: Masculinity and Circumcision Pain in the United States and Canada, 1960–2000. Gender and History (pp. 54-69). (/isis/citation/CBB219337276/) unapi

Article Raphaële Andrault (2018)
The Mind–Body Problem and the Role of Pain: Cross-Fire Between Leibniz and His Cartesian Readers. British Journal for the History of Philosophy (pp. 25-45). (/isis/citation/CBB247713160/) unapi

Article Elisa Arnaudo (2018)
A history of psychogenic pain and its relevance for chronic pain medical understanding. Mefisto: Rivista di medicina, filosofia, storia (pp. 9-30). (/isis/citation/CBB121363856/) unapi


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