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Book Mackenzie Cooley (2022)
The Perfection of Nature: Animals, Breeding, and Race in the Renaissance. (/isis/citation/CBB506702141/) unapi

Article Marco Masseti (2022)
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The Accidental Ecosystem: People and Wildlife in American Cities. (/isis/citation/CBB499746657/) unapi

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Mo Koundje (“Mok”): The life of a western lowland gorilla (c.1929–1938). Archives of Natural History (pp. 1-11). (/isis/citation/CBB891332031/) unapi

Book Veronica Aniceti (2022)
Animals and their roles in the medieval society of Sicily from Byzantines to Arabs and from Arabs to Norman/Aragoneses (7th-14th c. AD). (/isis/citation/CBB472021795/) unapi

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Book Stefanie Stockhorst; Jürgen Overhoff; Penelope J. Corfield (2021)
Human-Animal Interactions in the Eighteenth Century: From Pests and Predators to Pets, Poems and Philosophy. (/isis/citation/CBB446524520/) unapi

Article N. Woodman (2021)
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Article Khafiz Kerimov (2021)
Καθάπερ ἄνθρωπος φρόνιμος: Prudence in Aristotle’s Ethics and Biology. Apeiron (pp. 519-543). (/isis/citation/CBB109022079/) unapi

Article Ludovica Marinucci (2021)
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Article Sara Moreno-Tarín; Tatiana Pina; Martí Domínguez (2021)
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Book Robert McCracken Peck (2021)
The Natural History of Edward Lear, New Edition. (/isis/citation/CBB376262582/) unapi

Article Alice Shackelford Clifton-Morekis (2021)
Front-line Fowl: Messenger Pigeons as Communications Technology in the U.S. Army. History and Technology (pp. 203-246). (/isis/citation/CBB716948605/) unapi


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