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Thesis Steven Andrew Nathaniel (2021)
Inaudible Modernism: Techno-Aesthetic Listening in Literature and Film. (/isis/citation/CBB274946224/) unapi

Article Matthias Dörries (2021)
The Art of Listening: Hugo Benioff, Seismology, and Music. Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences (pp. 468-506). (/isis/citation/CBB662662579/) unapi

Book Pamela M. Lee (2020)
Think Tank Aesthetics: Midcentury modernism, the Cold War, and the neoliberal present. (/isis/citation/CBB838406110/) unapi

Thesis Gabrielle Cornish (2020)
Sounding Socialist, Sounding Modern: Music, Technology, and Everyday Life in the Soviet Union, 1956-1975. (/isis/citation/CBB077352934/) unapi

Article Christophe Bonneuil (2019)
Seeing nature as a ‘universal store of genes’: How biological diversity became ‘genetic resources’, 1890–1940. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences (pp. 1-14). (/isis/citation/CBB784934864/) unapi

Book Liz Gunner (2019)
Radio Soundings: South Africa and the Black Modern. (/isis/citation/CBB003700829/) unapi

Thesis Elspeth Green (2019)
Popular Science and Modernist Poetry. (/isis/citation/CBB377971334/) unapi

Book Jaume Navarro (2018)
Ether and Modernity: The Recalcitrance of an Epistemic Object in the Early Twentieth Century. (/isis/citation/CBB059117721/) unapi

Article Christopher Howell (2018)
The Rose and the Stag. An American Orthodox Converstation on Modernity, Science, and Biblical Interpretation. Almagest (pp. 40-59). (/isis/citation/CBB831159854/) unapi

Article Ritchie, David (October 2018)
More Beautiful Than Necessary. Vulcan (pp. 1-15). (/isis/citation/CBB396830113/) unapi

Article Chih-yuan Yang; Bronislaw Szerszynski; Brian Wynne (September 2018)
The Making of Power Shortage: The Sociotechnical Imaginary of Nationalist High Modernism and Its Pragmatic Rationality in Electricity Planning in Taiwan. East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal (pp. 277-308). (/isis/citation/CBB183913124/) unapi

Book Michael Osman (2018)
Modernism's Visible Hand: Architecture and Regulation in America. (/isis/citation/CBB295044194/) unapi

Article Mohsen Beheshtiseresht; Fouzieh Javanmardi (2018)
An Investigation of Modern Schools in Kurdistan Province 1921 to 1941. Tarikh-e Elm (The Iranian Journal for the History of Science) (pp. 31-49). (/isis/citation/CBB790524694/) unapi

Article Brinkman, Joshua T.; Richard F. Hirsh (April 2017)
Welcoming Wind Turbines and the PIMBY ("Please in My Backyard") Phenomenon: The Culture of the Machine in the Rural American Midwest. Technology and Culture (pp. 335-367). (/isis/citation/CBB728395709/) unapi

Article Christof Dipper (2017)
Ein vergessener Technikphilosoph. Julius Goldstein und die Darmstädter Modernediskurse um 1900. TG Technikgeschichte (pp. 3-28). (/isis/citation/CBB930292899/) unapi

Book Mark S. Morrisson; Gayle Rogers; Sean Latham (2016)
Modernism, Science, and Technology. (/isis/citation/CBB255776143/) unapi

Book Scott L. Montgomery; Daniel Chirot (2016)
The Shape of the New: Four Big Ideas and How They Made the Modern World. (/isis/citation/CBB208540583/) unapi

Article Kirsty Martin (2016)
Modernism and the Medicalization of Sunlight: D. H. Lawrence, Katherine Mansfield, and the Sun Cure. Modernism/Modernity (pp. 423-441). (/isis/citation/CBB542463271/) unapi

Article James Flowers (2016)
Reconfiguring East Asian Modernity. Asian Medicine: Tradition and Modernity (pp. 61-99). (/isis/citation/CBB699776264/) unapi

Thesis Julie Mccormick Weng (2016)
Irish Modernism and the Machine. (/isis/citation/CBB846154995/) unapi


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