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Article Kurt Jax (2020)
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Article Antoine C. Dussault (2020)
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Essay Review Daniel S. Brooks (2019)
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Article Peterson, Erik (2014)
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Thesis Peterson, Erik L. (cited 2011)
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Article Cheung, Tobias (2010)
Omnis Fibra Ex Fibra: Fibre Œconomies in Bonnet's and Diderot's Models of Organic Order. Early Science and Medicine: A Journal for the Study of Science, Technology and Medicine in the Pre-modern Period (p. 66). (/isis/citation/CBB000932601/) unapi

Book Gigante, Denise (2009)
Life: Organic Form and Romanticism. (/isis/citation/CBB000954780/) unapi

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Article Cheung, Tobias (2004)
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Book Rasini, Vallori (2002)
Teorie della realtà organica: Helmuth Plessner e Viktor von Weizsäcker. (/isis/citation/CBB000770248/) unapi


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