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Book Richard Fallon (2021)
Reimagining Dinosaurs in Late Victorian and Edwardian Literature: How the ‘Terrible Lizard' Became a Transatlantic Cultural Icon. (/isis/citation/CBB569188287/) unapi

Book Caitlin Donahue Wylie (2021)
Preparing Dinosaurs: The Work behind the Scenes. (/isis/citation/CBB218340071/) unapi

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Assumptions of Authority: The Story of Sue the T-Rex and Controversy Over Access to Fossils. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences (p. 2). (/isis/citation/CBB334696047/) unapi

Book Lukas Rieppel (2019)
Assembling the Dinosaur: Fossil Hunters, Tycoons, and the Making of a Spectacle. (/isis/citation/CBB932931396/) unapi

Book Ilja Nieuwland (2019)
American Dinosaur Abroad: A Cultural History of Carnegie’s Plaster Diplodocus. (/isis/citation/CBB424808631/) unapi

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Book Lowell Dingus (2018)
King of the Dinosaur Hunters: The Life of John Bell Hatcher and the Discoveries that Shaped Paleontology. (/isis/citation/CBB370330495/) unapi

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Dinosaurierfragmente: Zur Geschichte der Tendaguru-Expedition und ihrer Objekte, 1906-2018. (/isis/citation/CBB168836588/) unapi

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The Story of Life in 25 Fossils: Tales of Intrepid Fossil Hunters and the Wonders of Evolution. (/isis/citation/CBB293277728/) unapi

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The Palaeoartist’s Handbook: Recreating Prehistoric Animals in Art. (/isis/citation/CBB604931424/) unapi

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Paleoart: Visions of the Prehistoric Past. (/isis/citation/CBB945120566/) unapi

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The Rhinoceros and the Megatherium: An Essay in Natural History. (/isis/citation/CBB742474671/) unapi

Thesis Marlena Briane Cameron (2017)
Fossil Excavation, Museums, and Wyoming: American Paleontology, 1870-1915. (/isis/citation/CBB144188127/) unapi

Book Mark P. Witton (2017)
Recreating an Age of Reptiles. (/isis/citation/CBB812595877/) unapi


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