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Business and commerce

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Article Daniel Kinderman (2023)
Donald Trump, anti-establishment populism and the revolving door between business and politics in the United States. Zeitschrift für Unternehmensgeschichte (pp. 289-314). (/isis/citation/CBB137263615/) unapi

Article Jan-Otmar Hesse; Alexander Nützenadel (2023)
«Seitenwechsel» – Unternehmer in der Politik und Politiker in der Wirtschaft. Eine Einleitung ("Revolving Doors" – Manager in Politics and Politicians in Business. An Introduction). Zeitschrift für Unternehmensgeschichte (pp. 143-149). (/isis/citation/CBB423285450/) unapi

Article Friederike Sattler (2023)
Kaufleute als Konsuln – Zu den Anfängen deutscher Handelsdiplomatie in Ostasien im 19. Jahrhundert (Merchants as consuls – On the beginnings of German trade diplomacy in East Asia in the 19th century). Zeitschrift für Unternehmensgeschichte (pp. 151-183). (/isis/citation/CBB097945910/) unapi

Article Markus Flüggen (2023)
Die Eigenkapitalrentabilität deutscher Industrieaktiengesellschaften 1925–1929 (The Return on Equity of German Industrial Stock Corporations 1925–1929). Zeitschrift für Unternehmensgeschichte (pp. 1-36). (/isis/citation/CBB212630361/) unapi

Book Lisa Haushofer (2022)
Wonder Foods: The Science and Commerce of Nutrition. (/isis/citation/CBB755765560/) unapi

Book Joseph Heathcott; Jonathan Soffer; Rae Zimmerman (2022)
Urban Infrastructure: Historical and Social Dimensions of an Interconnected World. (/isis/citation/CBB623418452/) unapi

Book Seth C. Oranburg (2022)
A History of Financial Technology and Regulation: From American Incorporation to Cryptocurrency and Crowdfunding. (/isis/citation/CBB191217193/) unapi

Article Jacob Hellman (2022)
Big Tech’s ‘Voracious Appetite,’ or Entrepreneurs Who Dream of Acquisition? Regulation and the Interpenetration of Corporate Scales. Science as Culture (pp. 149-161). (/isis/citation/CBB824453916/) unapi

Article Guy Balzam; Noam Yuran (2022)
Assetization and the Logic of Venture Capital, or Why Facebook Does not ‘Feel’ Like a Monopoly to Zuckerberg. Science as Culture (pp. 107-120). (/isis/citation/CBB109075416/) unapi

Article Grietjie Verhoef (2022)
State and market: SOEs in Africa since the opening of markets, 1990s–2015. Zeitschrift für Unternehmensgeschichte (pp. 245-269). (/isis/citation/CBB223179739/) unapi

Article Carsten Burhop; Sergey Gelman (2022)
Trading costs and trading quantity at the Berlin Stock Exchange, 1892–1913. Zeitschrift für Unternehmensgeschichte (pp. 21-42). (/isis/citation/CBB865742666/) unapi

Article Bastian Linneweh-Kacmaz (2022)
Rohstoffe und die Herausforderung globaler Märkte: Konflikte um Kautschuk in der Zwischenkriegszeit (Raw materials, global markets: The conflict over caoutchouc in the interwar period). Ferrum (pp. 66-73). (/isis/citation/CBB683469319/) unapi

Article Hailian Chen (2022)
Zinc for coin and brass: a commodity chain analysis approach to studying resources in early modern Chinese history. Ferrum (pp. 38-47). (/isis/citation/CBB096689720/) unapi

Article Alexander Keese; Marie Huber (2022)
Introduction: State enterprises in Africa: A postcolonial history. Zeitschrift für Unternehmensgeschichte (pp. 167-187). (/isis/citation/CBB052435354/) unapi

Article Matthias Baumgartl (2022)
Kupfer als Handelsgut: unternehmerische Herausforderungen und Chancen eines Rohstoffs um 1600 (The copper trade around 1600: Commercial challenges and opportunities). Ferrum (pp. 28-37). (/isis/citation/CBB420102109/) unapi

Article Marie Huber (2022)
State-owned success in the air: Ethiopian Airlines and the multinational Air Afrique in the 1960s and 1970s. Zeitschrift für Unternehmensgeschichte (pp. 271-292). (/isis/citation/CBB601087529/) unapi

Book David B. Sicilia; David G. Wittner (2021)
Strands of Modernization: The Circulation of Technology and Business Practices in East Asia, 1850-1920. (/isis/citation/CBB020658174/) unapi

Book Josh Lauer; Kenneth Lipartito (2021)
Surveillance Capitalism in America. (/isis/citation/CBB401959068/) unapi

Chapter Jeremy Milloy (2021)
Chapter 7. High Priority: Business's War on Drugs and the Expansion of Surveillance in the United States. In: Surveillance Capitalism in America. (/isis/citation/CBB834799320/) unapi

Chapter Megan Elias (2021)
Chapter 5. The Watchful Gaze Behind the Welcoming Smile: Surveilling the Guest in American Hotels in the Interwar Period. In: Surveillance Capitalism in America. (/isis/citation/CBB262848922/) unapi


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