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Book Melvin Croft; John Youskauskas; Don Thomas (2019)
Come Fly with Us: NASA's Payload Specialist Program. (/isis/citation/CBB673595228/) unapi

Book Karin Hilck (2019)
Lady astronauts, lady engineers, and naked ladies: women and the American space community during the Cold War, 1960s-1980s. (/isis/citation/CBB885312377/) unapi

Book Giovanni Caprara (2019)
Oltre il cielo. Incontri straordinari con esploratori della Luna e dello spazio. (/isis/citation/CBB296797858/) unapi

Book Neil M. Maher (2017)
Apollo in the Age of Aquarius. (/isis/citation/CBB229558291/) unapi

Book Frank H. Winter (2017)
America’s First Rocket Company: Reaction Motors, Inc.. (/isis/citation/CBB875013544/) unapi

Book Steven J. Dick (2015)
Historical studies in the societal impact of spaceflight. (/isis/citation/CBB371505513/) unapi

Book Andrew S. Erickson; Rick W. Sturdevant (2015)
History of Rocketry and Astronautics: Proceedings of the Forty-Seventh History Symposium of the International Academy of Astronautics: Beijing, China, 2013. (/isis/citation/CBB695275430/) unapi

Article İshak Arslan (2014)
Pushing the Limits of the Universe: Criticisms of Peripatetic Cosmology in Hikmat al-Ishrâq and its Commentaries. Nazariyat: İslam Felsefe ve Bilim Tarihi Araştırmaları Dergisi (Journal for the History of Islamic Philosophy and Sciences) (pp. 141-164). (/isis/citation/CBB805832476/) unapi

Essay Review Launius, Roger D. (2014)
Realizing the New Aerospace History. Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences. (/isis/citation/CBB001566301/) unapi

Book Michael G. Smith (2014)
Rockets and Revolution: A Cultural History of Early Spaceflight. (/isis/citation/CBB365699254/) unapi

Book Koppel, Lily (2013)
The Astronaut Wives Club: A True Story. (/isis/citation/CBB001213225/) unapi

Chapter Spiller, James (2013)
Nostalgia for the Right Stuff: Astronauts and Public Anxiety about a Changing Nation. (p. 57). (/isis/citation/CBB001201395/) unapi

Chapter Neal, Valerie (2013)
Bringing Spaceflight Down to Earth: Astronauts and The IMAX Experience®. (p. 149). (/isis/citation/CBB001201399/) unapi

Book Burgess, Colin (2013)
Moon Bound: Choosing and Preparing NASA's Lunar Astronauts. (/isis/citation/CBB001213189/) unapi

Chapter Rockwell, Trevor S. (2013)
They May Remake Our Image of Mankind: Representations of Cosmonauts and Astronauts in Soviet and American Space Propaganda Magazines, 1961--1981. (p. 125). (/isis/citation/CBB001201398/) unapi

Chapter Syon, Guillaume de (2013)
Astronauts and Cosmonauts into Frenchmen: Understanding Space Travel through the Popular Weekly Paris Match. (p. 107). (/isis/citation/CBB001201397/) unapi

Chapter Ross-Nazzal, Jennifer (2013)
You've Come a Long Way, Maybe: The First Six Women Astronauts and the Media. (p. 175). (/isis/citation/CBB001201400/) unapi

Article Launius, Roger D. (2013)
The Strange Career of the American Spaceplane: The Long History of Wings and Wheels in Human Space Operations. Centaurus: International Magazine of the History of Mathematics, Science, and Technology (pp. 412-432). (/isis/citation/CBB001213563/) unapi

Chapter Jenks, Andrew (2013)
The Fiftieth Jubilee: Yuri Gagarin in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Imagination. (p. 81). (/isis/citation/CBB001201396/) unapi

Book Oliver, Kendrick (2013)
To Touch the Face of God: The Sacred, the Profane and the American Space Program, 1957--1975. (/isis/citation/CBB001201062/) unapi


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