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Article Laura Berardi (2024)
Alla ricerca del teatro perduto. Il “teatro anatomico” di Vercelli (secoli XVIII-XX). Nuova Rivista di Storia della Medicina (pp. 1-43). (/isis/citation/CBB120363536/) unapi

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Chapter Linda Bisello (2023)
«L'occhio della medicina»: l'anatomia come strumento euristico nella cultura della prima età moderna. In: Letteratura e medicina (pp. 59-76). (/isis/citation/CBB890242836/) unapi

Article Nuno Castel-Branco (2022)
Physico-mathematics and the life sciences: experiencing the mechanism of venous return, 1650s–1680s. Annals of Science: The History of Science and Technology (pp. 442-467). (/isis/citation/CBB959427057/) unapi

Book Michael Stolberg (2022)
Gabrielle Falloppia, 1522/23-1562: The Life and Work of a Renaissance Anatomist. (/isis/citation/CBB668925492/) unapi

Article Daniel Trambaiolo (2022)
Translating the Inner Landscape: Anatomical Bricolage in Early Modern Japan. Osiris: A Research Journal Devoted to the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences (pp. 163-191). (/isis/citation/CBB091969158/) unapi

Chapter Laura Cunningham (2022)
Waxing and Waning: The curious case of an early Eaton’s wax display mannequin. In: Ceroplastics: The Science of Wax (pp. 223-240). (/isis/citation/CBB254749156/) unapi

Chapter Roberta Ballestriero; Marco Tosa (2022)
From the Doge's funeral masks to the 'children with no names'. The art of wax modelling in Venice. In: Ceroplastics: The Science of Wax (pp. 241-250). (/isis/citation/CBB512371226/) unapi

Article Maria Conforti (2022)
Surgery, Surgeons and Physicians: Cases and Experiences in the Miscellanea curiosa, 1670–1679. Acta Historica Leopoldina (pp. 139-156). (/isis/citation/CBB338900886/) unapi

Book Giovan Battista Gelli; Simone Porzio; Elisa Altissimi (2022)
Il trattato de' colori de gl'occhi di Giovan Battista Gelli. Con l'originale latino di Simone Porzio. (/isis/citation/CBB567173908/) unapi

Article Anita Guerrini (2022)
The Whiteness of Bones: Sceletopoeia and the Human Body in Early Modern Europe. Bulletin of the History of Medicine (pp. 34-70). (/isis/citation/CBB083461736/) unapi

Article Mikhail Sinelnikov; Vladimir Nikolenko; Negoriya Rizaeva; et al. (2022)
The Legacy of Professor Dmitry Zernov: Anatomist, Scientist and Educator. Medicina Historica (pp. 1-5). (/isis/citation/CBB034809988/) unapi

Chapter Sharon Hecker (2022)
Cast, Not Modelled: The Importance of Understanding Materials and Processes in Medardo Rosso’s Waxes. In: Ceroplastics: The Science of Wax (pp. 261-270). (/isis/citation/CBB742563876/) unapi

Chapter Thomas Schnalke (2022)
Finger Faces. Wax Hand Models and Moulages in Medicine. In: Ceroplastics: The Science of Wax (pp. 159-174). (/isis/citation/CBB730467792/) unapi

Chapter Francesco Loy; Michela Isola (2022)
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Chapter Andrea Cozza; Giovanni Battista Nardelli; Maurizio Rippa Bonati (2022)
The wax models of the gynaecological and obstetric clinic of the University of Padua. In: Ceroplastics: The Science of Wax (pp. 19-30). (/isis/citation/CBB677436556/) unapi

Chapter Eleanor Crook (2022)
A New Sculpture Commission for the Wellcome Galleries of Medicine, Science Museum London. In: Ceroplastics: The Science of Wax (pp. 277-288). (/isis/citation/CBB962739816/) unapi

Article Susan E. Lederer; Susan C. Lawrence (2022)
Rest in Pieces: Body Donation in Mid-Twentieth Century America. Bulletin of the History of Medicine (pp. 151-181). (/isis/citation/CBB854639807/) unapi

Book Alessandro Martini; Paolo Mazzarello; Eugenio Mira (2022)
Alfonso Corti: The discovery of the hearing organ. (/isis/citation/CBB121189525/) unapi

Chapter Kimberly Johnson (2022)
Ceroplasty’s Future: The Plastinates of Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds and the Visual Language of Modernity. In: Ceroplastics: The Science of Wax (pp. 319-330). (/isis/citation/CBB008027139/) unapi


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