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Article Perry Guevara (2020)
Milton's Plant Eyes: Minimal Cognition, Similitude, and Sexuality in the Garden. Configurations: A Journal of Literature, Science, and Technology (pp. 1-28). (/isis/citation/CBB113300543/) unapi

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The Case for Mach's Neutral Monism. (pp. 77-100). (/isis/citation/CBB571671358/) unapi

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Monism: Science, Philosophy, Religion, and the History of a Worldview. (/isis/citation/CBB001201833/) unapi

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Proto-Monism in German Philosophy, Theology, and Science, 1800--1845. (p. 45). (/isis/citation/CBB001201835/) unapi

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Article Kleeberg, Bernhard (2007)
God-Nature Progressing: Natural Theology in German Monism. Science in Context (p. 537). (/isis/citation/CBB000850279/) unapi


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