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Book Enrico Peroli (2022)
Niccolò Cusano: La vita, l'opera, il pensiero. (/isis/citation/CBB973196536/) unapi

Book Jing Jiang (2021)
Found in Translation: "New People" in Twentieth-Century Chinese Science Fiction. (/isis/citation/CBB709158853/) unapi

Thesis Mary E. Kollmer Horton (2021)
A (Un)Natural Alliance: Medical Education and the Humanities the Rise and Fall of the Institute on Human Values in Medicine 1971-1981. (/isis/citation/CBB818216999/) unapi

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Un échange conflictuel : quelle est la meilleure philosophie ?. Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences (pp. 54-77). (/isis/citation/CBB689225158/) unapi

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De la bibliographie autour de Bessarion : perspectives et pistes ouvertes à la recherche. Une première approche. Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences (pp. 154-217). (/isis/citation/CBB088519715/) unapi

Book Stephen P. Weldon (2020)
The Scientific Spirit of American Humanism. (/isis/citation/CBB416689602/) unapi

Book Michael Hunter (2020)
The Decline of Magic: Britain in the Enlightenment. (/isis/citation/CBB423467195/) unapi

Book Christina Savino (2020)
Il medico di Utopia: Giovanni Battista Rasario (1517-1578) traduttore e falsario di testi medici greci. (/isis/citation/CBB278747391/) unapi

Article Ann Blair (2020)
Les ouvrages encyclopédiques modernes entre brièveté et prolixité. Bruniana & Campanelliana: Ricerche Filosofiche e Materiali Storico-testuali (pp. 475-488). (/isis/citation/CBB127523269/) unapi

Chapter Raphael Ebgi (2020)
Marsilio Ficino e la rinascita della medicina sacra. In: La medicina allo specchio del sacro: Incontri e confronti tra scienza e religione (pp. 287-306). (/isis/citation/CBB670368449/) unapi

Article Dian Zeng; Jian Yang; Lewis Pyenson (2019)
Compatible Humanists: Yuen Ren Chao Meets George Sarton. Isis: International Review Devoted to the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences (pp. 742-753). (/isis/citation/CBB290833612/) unapi

Book Katharina N. Piechocki (2019)
Cartographic Humanism: The Making of Early Modern Europe. (/isis/citation/CBB530679179/) unapi

Book Víctor Navarro Brotons (2019)
Jerónimo Muñoz: Matemáticas, cosmología y humanismo en la época del Renacimiento. (/isis/citation/CBB260168303/) unapi

Book Elizabeth Suzanne Kassab (2019)
Enlightenment on the Eve of Revolution: The Egyptian and Syrian Debates. (/isis/citation/CBB348340319/) unapi

Article Margaret Pelling (2019)
Managing Uncertainty and Privatising Apprenticeship: Status and Relationships in English Medicine, 1500–1900. Social History of Medicine (pp. 34-56). (/isis/citation/CBB202979157/) unapi

Article Brenno Boccadoro; Paolo Gozza (2019)
Ripensare l'umanesimo musicale. Bruniana & Campanelliana: Ricerche Filosofiche e Materiali Storico-testuali (pp. 117-131). (/isis/citation/CBB342327129/) unapi

Article Ginette Vagenheim (2019)
Couleurs des urines et plantes tinctoriales dans le De Urinis Theophili: À propos du terme χυμένη. Early Science and Medicine: A Journal for the Study of Science, Technology and Medicine in the Pre-modern Period (pp. 391-413). (/isis/citation/CBB717201503/) unapi

Article Boris Jardine (2018)
Mass-Observation, Surrealist Sociology, and the Bathos of Paperwork. History of the Human Sciences (pp. 52-79). (/isis/citation/CBB645061495/) unapi

Book Michael Ruse (2018)
The Problem of War: Darwinism, Christianity, and their Battle to Understand Human Conflict. (/isis/citation/CBB189405706/) unapi

Book Keith Makoto Woodhouse (2018)
The Ecocentrists: A History of Radical Environmentalism. (/isis/citation/CBB467529681/) unapi


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