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Chapter Dmitri Levitin; Scott Mandelbrote; Anna Marie Roos; et al. (2023)
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Book Jonathan R. Topham (2022)
Reading the Book of Nature: How Eight Best Sellers Reconnected Christianity and the Sciences on the Eve of the Victorian Age. (/isis/citation/CBB391564552/) unapi

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Book Gennaro Cassiani (2022)
Tommaso Bozio. I saperi scientifici e i libri “lincei” (1548-1610). (/isis/citation/CBB199056166/) unapi

Book Matteo Valleriani; Andrea Ottone (2022)
Publishing Sacrobosco’s De sphaera in Early Modern Europe. (/isis/citation/CBB452058651/) unapi

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Cartography between Christian Europe and the Arabic-Islamic World, 1100-1500: Divergent Traditions. (/isis/citation/CBB173778499/) unapi

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Book Gustavo Sorá (2021)
A History of Book Publishing in Contemporary Latin America. (/isis/citation/CBB103375755/) unapi

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