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Article Axel Philipps; Laura Paruschke (2024)
Inside regular lab meetings: The social construction of a research team and ideas in optical physics. Social Studies of Science (pp. 257-280). (/isis/citation/CBB883110171/) unapi

Article Ruth Falkenberg; Lisa Sigl; Maximilian Fochler (2024)
From ‘making lists’ to conducting ‘well-rounded’ studies: Epistemic re-orientations in soil microbial ecology. Social Studies of Science (pp. 78-104). (/isis/citation/CBB134505482/) unapi

Article María Elena Giraldo; Eliana Arancibia Gutiérrez (2023)
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Article Salla Sariola (2023)
Mistrust: Community engagement in global health research in coastal Kenya. Social Studies of Science (pp. 449-471). (/isis/citation/CBB869316828/) unapi

Article Sveta Milyaeva; Daniel Neyland (2023)
Let’s agree to agree: The situational academic quality of the UK REF as consensual public knowledge. Social Studies of Science (pp. 427-448). (/isis/citation/CBB946938117/) unapi

Article Stefan Reichmann (2023)
Mobile researchers, immobile data: Managing data (producers). Social Studies of Science (pp. 341-357). (/isis/citation/CBB274619537/) unapi

Article Sarah R Davies; Bao-Chau Pham (2023)
Luck and the ‘situations’ of research. Social Studies of Science (pp. 287-299). (/isis/citation/CBB796332683/) unapi

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Psychological research and practice in former Yugoslavia and its successors. Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences (pp. 52-61). (/isis/citation/CBB445600938/) unapi

Article Kristin D. Hussey (2022)
Rhythmic history: Towards a new research agenda for the history of health and medicine. Endeavour: Review of the Progress of Science (p. 100846). (/isis/citation/CBB895366256/) unapi

Article Anders Buch; Loren Mark Ramsay; Hanne Løje (2022)
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Article Nurit Kirsh (2022)
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Article Shana Lee Hirsch; David Ribes; Sarah Inman (2022)
Sedimentary legacy and the disturbing recurrence of the human in long-term ecological research. Social Studies of Science (pp. 561-580). (/isis/citation/CBB100002745/) unapi

Article Sampsa Saikkonen; Esa Väliverronen (2022)
The trickle-down of political and economic control: On the organizational suppression of environmental scientists in government science. Social Studies of Science (pp. 603-617). (/isis/citation/CBB033206075/) unapi

Article Clémence Pinel (2022)
What Counts as the Environment in Epigenetics? Knowledge and Ignorance in the Entrepreneurial University. Science as Culture (pp. 311-333). (/isis/citation/CBB860690123/) unapi

Article Sjoerd Zwart (2022)
Engineering Laboratory Experiments – a Typology. Engineering Studies (pp. 158-182). (/isis/citation/CBB476453019/) unapi

Article Hannah J. Elizabeth; Daisy Payling (2022)
From cohort to community: The emotional work of birthday cards in the Medical Research Council National Survey of Health and Development, 1946–2018. History of the Human Sciences (pp. 158-188). (/isis/citation/CBB004165529/) unapi

Article Morgan Meyer (2022)
Taking responsibility, making irresponsibility: Controversies in human gene editing. Social Studies of Science (pp. 127-143). (/isis/citation/CBB072011815/) unapi

Article Lambros Roumbanis (2022)
Disagreement and Agonistic Chance in Peer Review. Science, Technology, and Human Values (pp. 1302-1333). (/isis/citation/CBB437513195/) unapi

Article Luigi Dei (2022)
Creativity in Art, Literature, Music, Science, and Inventions. Substantia: An International Journal of the History of Chemistry (pp. 13-23). (/isis/citation/CBB705585979/) unapi


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