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Article Antonio Fornaciari; Valentina Giuffra; Gino Fornaciari (2023)
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Could the Life of Admiral Nelson in Trafalgar be Saved?. Medicina nei Secoli - Arte e Scienza (pp. 171-182). (/isis/citation/CBB517559889/) unapi

Article Luigi Papi (2022)
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Article Giovanni Magno; Fabio Zampieri; Alberto Zanatta (2022)
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Article Andrea Battistini; Carla Caldarini; Paola Catalano; et al. (2022)
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“Chi l’ha detto?”. Un caso emblematico di errata attribuzione. Nuova Rivista di Storia della Medicina (pp. 39-50). (/isis/citation/CBB615219276/) unapi

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Book Luigi Massimo Sena (2021)
Breve storia della patologia e la nascita della patologia generale e della patologia clinica. La patologia generale a Napoli dagli albori agli inizi dell'epoca moderna. (/isis/citation/CBB506617280/) unapi

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Bio-legal Issues in the Establishment of a Historical Collection of Human Tissues: The case of the Umbria Biobank Project. Medicina Historica (pp. 1-9). (/isis/citation/CBB661475901/) unapi

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Book Fabio Zampieri (2021)
Giovanni Battista Morgagni: La nascita della medicina moderna. (/isis/citation/CBB372846544/) unapi

Article Luisa Ferrari (2021)
From Body Preservation to Pathology Museums in Italy: Conservation and Modern Value of a Historical and Biological Archive. Medicina nei secoli (pp. 441-482). (/isis/citation/CBB912712126/) unapi


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