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Article Sarah Walsh (2022)
The executioner’s shadow: Coerced sterilization and the creation of “Latin” eugenics in Chile. History of Science (pp. 18-40). (/isis/citation/CBB396292693/) unapi

Article Andrés Galera (2021)
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The Connection between Charles Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory of ‘Heredity of Behaviors’ and the 19th Century Neuroscience: The Influence of Neuroscience on Darwin’s Overcoming of Lamarck’s Theory of Evolution. Korean Journal of Medical History (pp. 291-350). (/isis/citation/CBB885733380/) unapi

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Thesis Erin A. Myers (2018)
The Evolving Definition of Man: Lamarck's Natural Philosophy and Literary Legacy. (/isis/citation/CBB348382105/) unapi

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The Contributions – and Collapse – of Lamarckian Heredity in Pasteurian Molecular Biology: 1. Lysogeny, 1900–1960. Journal of the History of Biology (pp. 5-52). (/isis/citation/CBB496049162/) unapi

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Essay Review Ana Barahona (2016)
Non-Darwinian Evolutionary Thought in the 19th Century. Science and Education. (/isis/citation/CBB575980081/) unapi

Book Eldredge, Niles (2015)
Eternal Ephemera: Adaptation and the Origin of Species from the Nineteenth Century through Punctuated Equilibria and Beyond. (/isis/citation/CBB001551081/) unapi

Book Gillott, David (2015)
Samuel Butler against the Professionals: Rethinking Lamarckism 1860-1900. (/isis/citation/CBB001551952/) unapi

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The Concept of the Causal Role of Chromosomes and Genes in Heredity and Development: Opponents from Darwin to Lysenko. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine (pp. 57-77). (/isis/citation/CBB001552681/) unapi


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