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Book Sebastián Molina-Betancur (2023)
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Article Klaus Viertel (2021)
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Le Lezioni accademiche di Evangelista Torricelli. Edizione e commento. (/isis/citation/CBB211398370/) unapi

Article Felix Mauch; Stefan Esselborn (2021)
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Book Tim Lethen (2021)
Gespräche, Vorträge, Séancen: Kurt Gödels Wiener Protokolle 1937/38: Transkriptionen und Kommentare. (/isis/citation/CBB086928957/) unapi

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Book Enrico Fermi; Roberto Casalbuoni; Daniele Dominici; et al. (2019)
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Article Daniel Normark (2019)
Mobilising skill and making skill mobile: Crafoord’s surgical tours in South America, 1950–1965. Lychnos. (/isis/citation/CBB162163774/) unapi


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