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Arabic language

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Book Ofer Elior (2021)
Euclid's Elements in Hebrew Garb: Critical Editions of the Translation by Moses Ibn Tibbon and the Translation Ascribed to Rabbi Jacob, with an Introduction and Glossary. Books I–II. (/isis/citation/CBB968921743/) unapi

Article Raffaella Franci (2021)
Una volgarizzazione quattrocentesca dell’Algebra di Al-Khwārizmī e Guglielmo de Lunis traduttore dell’Al-Jabr. Bollettino di Storia delle Scienze Matematiche (pp. 231-261). (/isis/citation/CBB412967158/) unapi

Book Colette Sirat; Marc Geoffroy (2021)
De la faculté rationnelle: l'original arabe du Grand Commentaire d'Averroès (Šarḥ) au De Anima d'Aristote (III, 4-5, 429a10-432a14). (/isis/citation/CBB675604610/) unapi

Book Lucia Raggetti (2021)
Un coniglio nel turbante. Intrattenimento e inganno nella scienza arabo-islamica. (/isis/citation/CBB200403706/) unapi

Article Charles Burnett (2021)
Thābit ibn Qurra’s On Talismans between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and between the Science of the Stars and Magic. Bruniana & Campanelliana: Ricerche Filosofiche e Materiali Storico-testuali (pp. 23-50). (/isis/citation/CBB319343937/) unapi

Book Beatrice Gruendler (2020)
The Rise of the Arabic Book. (/isis/citation/CBB436918062/) unapi

Article Pierre Ageron; Hmida Hedfi (2020)
Ibrāhīm Al-Balīshṭār's Book of Arithmetic (ca. 1575): Hybridizing Spanish Mathematical Treatises with the Arabic Scientific Tradition. Historia Mathematica (pp. 26-50). (/isis/citation/CBB380231472/) unapi

Article Lucia Raggetti (2020)
Simples on the Trees or Medicines on the Table? A Synopsis of Galenic Pharmacology in MS Bodleian Huntington 600. Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences (pp. 150-175). (/isis/citation/CBB283441811/) unapi

Article Sébastien Moureau (2020)
Min al-Kīmiyā’ ad Alchimiam. The Transmission of Alchemy from the Arab-Muslim world to the Latin West in the Middle Ages. Micrologus: Nature, Sciences and Medieval Societies (pp. 87-142). (/isis/citation/CBB807352731/) unapi

Article Marie Cronier (2020)
Les extraits de Dioscoride dans le Recueil des simples d’Ibn al-Bayṭār. Galenos: Rivista di Filologia dei Testi Medici Antichi (pp. 305-325). (/isis/citation/CBB612133623/) unapi

Article Mustafa Yavuz (2020)
Lichens in al-Biruni’s Kitab al-Saydanah fi al-Tibb. Early Science and Medicine: A Journal for the Study of Science, Technology and Medicine in the Pre-modern Period (pp. 152-172). (/isis/citation/CBB643788834/) unapi

Article Charles Burnett (2020)
«Arabica veritas»: Europeans’ Search for «Truth» in Arabic Scientific and Philosophical Literature of the Middle Ages. Micrologus: Nature, Sciences and Medieval Societies (pp. 69-86). (/isis/citation/CBB661206520/) unapi

Article Paola Carusi (2020)
Il colore dei sogni e delle passioni. Medicina nei secoli (pp. 609-634). (/isis/citation/CBB719647637/) unapi

Article Marc Moyon (2020)
L’appropriation des sciences géométriques arabes en Occident médiéval. Micrologus: Nature, Sciences and Medieval Societies (pp. 45-68). (/isis/citation/CBB110028570/) unapi

Article Ofer Elior (2020)
What Did Medieval Readers Take to Be “Al-Ḥajjāj's Version” of Euclid's Elements? The Evidence of Ms Paris, Bnf, Héb. 1011. Centaurus: International Magazine of the History of Mathematics, Science, and Technology (pp. 181-197). (/isis/citation/CBB691683096/) unapi

Thesis Nicolás Bamballi (2020)
The Arabic Version of Galen's De elementis ex Hippocratis sententia 1–5. (/isis/citation/CBB565813369/) unapi

Article Danielle Jacquart (2020)
The Survival of the Medieval Translations of Arabic Scientific and Philosophical Texts in Incunabula and Sixteenth-Century Printings. Micrologus: Nature, Sciences and Medieval Societies (pp. 299-313). (/isis/citation/CBB217856975/) unapi

Article Serena Buzzi (2020)
Oribasio nel Continens di Rāzī: esempi di tradizione indiretta. Galenos: Rivista di Filologia dei Testi Medici Antichi (pp. 159-169). (/isis/citation/CBB640952976/) unapi

Article Marie-Laure Monfort (2020)
La paraphrase d'une traduction arabo-latine du De aere, aquis, locis publiée par Jacques Bogard. Medicina nei secoli (pp. 185-218). (/isis/citation/CBB925543561/) unapi

Article Noémie Verdon; Michio Yano (2020)
Al-Bīrūnī’s India, Chapter 14:. History of Science in South Asia (pp. 57-76). (/isis/citation/CBB494234499/) unapi


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