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Book Werner Heisenberg; Max Born; Erwin Schrödinger; et al. (2024)
Discussione sulla fisica moderna. (/isis/citation/CBB494395832/) unapi

Book Maria Rita Fadda (2024)
Lingua e scienza nel secolo delle cose: Il Newtonianismo per le dame di Francesco Algarotti. (/isis/citation/CBB964384167/) unapi

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Article Olivier Darrigol (2023)
A history of the relation between fluctuation and dissipation. European Physical Journal H (p. 10). (/isis/citation/CBB193601353/) unapi

Book Sebastián Molina-Betancur (2023)
José Celestino Mutis and Newtonianism in New Granada, 1762–1808. (/isis/citation/CBB677832399/) unapi

Book Raffaele Pisano (2023)
A History of Physics: Phenomena, Ideas & Mechanisms: Essays in Honor of Salvo D'Agostino. (/isis/citation/CBB567844566/) unapi

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Newton's ‘De Aere et Aethere’ and the introduction of interparticulate forces into his physics. Annals of Science: The History of Science and Technology (pp. 232-267). (/isis/citation/CBB856534771/) unapi

Article Olivier Rey (2023)
Comment la statistique est-elle entrée en physique ?. Almagest (pp. 246-254). (/isis/citation/CBB806417946/) unapi

Article Luca Peliti; Paolo Muratore-Ginanneschi (2023)
R. Fürth’s 1933 paper “On certain relations between classical statistics and quantum mechanics” [“Über einige Beziehungen zwischen klassischer Statistik und Quantenmechanik”, Zeitschrift für Physik, 81 143–162]. European Physical Journal H (p. 4). (/isis/citation/CBB934619261/) unapi

Article Michael Wiescher (2023)
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Article F. A. Muller (2023)
The Influence of Quantum Physics on Philosophy. Foundations of Science (pp. 477-488). (/isis/citation/CBB729899556/) unapi

Article Chao Gu (2023)
The co-production of normal science: A social history of high-temperature superconductivity research in China (1987–2008). Social Studies of Science (pp. 81-101). (/isis/citation/CBB866398727/) unapi

Article Eckart Roloff (2023)
Strahlender Durchbruch für viele Welten: Warum Röntgen auf ein Patent zu seiner "neuen Art von Strahlen" verzichtete (Radiation breakthrough for many worlds: Why Röntgen renounced a patent for his "new kind of rays"). Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau (pp. 420-423). (/isis/citation/CBB738794742/) unapi

Book Raffaella Campaner; Carlo Gabbani (2023)
Realismo e antirealismo nelle scienze: Un percorso multidisciplinare. (/isis/citation/CBB608622537/) unapi

Chapter Matteo Morganti (2023)
Realismo/antirealismo e fisica. In: Realismo e antirealismo nelle scienze: Un percorso multidisciplinare. (/isis/citation/CBB497066732/) unapi

Article Mathias Grote; Anke te Heesen; Dieter Hoffmann (2023)
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Article Gerardo Ienna (2023)
The social and political roots of the institutionalization of the history of physics in Italy. Physis: Rivista Internazionale di Storia della Scienza (pp. 427-460). (/isis/citation/CBB901020636/) unapi

Book Jacques Heyman; Antonio Becchi; Federico Foce (2023)
Hooke, Wren and the Dome: A Seventeenth Century Crossing Space between Architecture and Engineering. (/isis/citation/CBB246223853/) unapi


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