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Book David Kaiser (2022)
"Well, Doc, You're In": Freeman Dyson's Journey through the Universe. (/isis/citation/CBB558632570/) unapi

Book Don S. Lemons; William R. Shanahan; Louis J. Buchholtz (2022)
On the Trail of Blackbody Radiation: Max Planck and the Physics of his Era. (/isis/citation/CBB808300995/) unapi

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A “Physiogony” of the Heavens: Kant’s Early View of Universal Natural History. HOPOS (pp. 261-285). (/isis/citation/CBB660584496/) unapi

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Betting on Future Physics. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (pp. 161-183). (/isis/citation/CBB517395815/) unapi

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The Archimedean ‘sambukē’ of Damis in Biton. Archive for History of Exact Sciences (pp. 153-172). (/isis/citation/CBB669736606/) unapi

Book William Demopoulos (2022)
On Theories: Logical Empiricism and the Methodology of Modern Physics. (/isis/citation/CBB978762409/) unapi

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History as a Tool for Natural Science: How Ernst Mach Applied Historical Methods to Physics. Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences (pp. 40-79). (/isis/citation/CBB303872937/) unapi

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Book Silvia Parigi (2022)
Magia e scienza nell'età moderna. Spiriti, effluvi e fenomeni occulti. (/isis/citation/CBB290589876/) unapi

Book Sébastien Richard (2022)
Histoire philosophique de la physique. (/isis/citation/CBB745505054/) unapi

Book Angelo Adamo (2022)
Domicili cosmici. (/isis/citation/CBB783864081/) unapi

Chapter Diana Quarantotto (2022)
L'universo liquido: Aristotele e la fisica nell'acqua. In: Fonti, flussi, onde. L'acqua tra realtà e metafora nel pensiero antico, medievale e moderno (pp. 9-26). (/isis/citation/CBB465937986/) unapi

Article Ernst Kenndler (2022)
Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) and its Basic Principles in Historical Retrospect. Part 3. 1840s –1900ca. The First CE of Ions in 1861. Transference Numbers, Migration Velocity, Conductivity, Mobility.. Substantia: An International Journal of the History of Chemistry (pp. 77-105). (/isis/citation/CBB045320518/) unapi

Article Galymzhan Usenov; Pirimbek Suleimenov; Peeter Müürsepp (2022)
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Thesis Marco Forgione (2022)
History and Philosophy of Feynman's Electrodynamics: From the Absorber Theory of Radiation to Feynman Diagrams. (/isis/citation/CBB510575913/) unapi

Article Carla Rita Palmerino (2022)
From Active Matter to Inertia, from Celerity to Slowness: the Motion of Atoms and of Compound Bodies in Gassendi’s Physics. Bruniana & Campanelliana: Ricerche Filosofiche e Materiali Storico-testuali (pp. 183-198). (/isis/citation/CBB352728199/) unapi

Book Giuseppe Patota (2022)
L'universo in italiano. La lingua degli scritti copernicani di Galileo. (/isis/citation/CBB061343609/) unapi

Article Michel Toulmonde (2021)
Des manuscrits scientifiques nouveaux d’Émilie Du Châtelet : lumière et optique. Revue d'Histoire des Sciences (pp. 357-379). (/isis/citation/CBB623942132/) unapi


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