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Article Eric Vandendriessche (2022)
The concrete numbers of “primitive” societies: A historiographical approach. Historia Mathematica (pp. 12-34). (/isis/citation/CBB201980517/) unapi

Article Christine Proust (2022)
The sexagesimal place-value notation and abstract numbers in mathematical cuneiform texts. Historia Mathematica (pp. 54-70). (/isis/citation/CBB388966363/) unapi

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“Denominate numbers” in mathematics school textbooks by Stefan Banach. Historia Mathematica (pp. 164-196). (/isis/citation/CBB373520195/) unapi

Article Marie Anglade; Jean-Yves Briend (2022)
Nombrils, bruslans, autrement foyerz: la géométrie projective en action dans le Brouillon Project de Girard Desargues. Archive for History of Exact Sciences (pp. 173-206). (/isis/citation/CBB904348071/) unapi

Article Argante Ciocci (2022)
Federico Commandino and the Latin edition of Pappus’ Collection. Archive for History of Exact Sciences (pp. 129-151). (/isis/citation/CBB997618527/) unapi

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On the (In)Dependence of the Peano Axioms for Natural Numbers. History and Philosophy of Logic (pp. 51-69). (/isis/citation/CBB173126247/) unapi

Book Enrico Peroli (2022)
Niccolò Cusano: La vita, l'opera, il pensiero. (/isis/citation/CBB973196536/) unapi

Book Fabio Bellissima (2022)
La scala musicale: una storia tra matematica e filosofia. (/isis/citation/CBB817825244/) unapi

Article José Chabás; Bernard R. Goldstein (2021)
The Tabulae Eclypsium by Giovanni Bianchini. Aestimatio: Critical Reviews in the History of Science. (/isis/citation/CBB943429416/) unapi

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Book Kevin Lambert (2021)
Symbols and Things: Material Mathematics in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. (/isis/citation/CBB884699301/) unapi

Article Tilman Sauer; Tobias Schütz (2021)
Einstein on involutions in projective geometry. Archive for History of Exact Sciences (pp. 523-555). (/isis/citation/CBB111629243/) unapi

Article Francisco Gómez-García; Pedro J. Herrero-Piñeyro; Antonio Linero-Bas; et al. (2021)
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Article Klaus Viertel (2021)
The development of the concept of uniform convergence in Karl Weierstrass’s lectures and publications between 1861 and 1886. Archive for History of Exact Sciences (pp. 455-490). (/isis/citation/CBB786800927/) unapi

Article Cinzia Cerroni; Aldo Brigaglia (2021)
The “Circolo Matematico di Palermo” and the First World War: The crisis of scientific internationalism: a view through the unedited correspondence of De Franchis with Edmund Landau and other mathematicians. Historia Mathematica (pp. 64-94). (/isis/citation/CBB511256664/) unapi


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