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Article Jarosław Działek (2024)
Geobiographies of prominent Polish painters: Changing hierarchies of art cities and patterns of artistic migrations from 1760 to 1939. Journal of Historical Geography (pp. 110-127). (/isis/citation/CBB947507077/) unapi

Article Robert Winstanley-Chesters; Adam Cathcart (2024)
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Reimagining Group Work through the Lens of Care Webs. Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences (pp. 92-94). (/isis/citation/CBB596511580/) unapi

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From chemical atomism to Lutheran orthodoxy: The journey of Johann Sperling's physics from Wittenberg to the peripheries. Galilæana: Journal of Galilean Studies (pp. 115-142). (/isis/citation/CBB864424925/) unapi

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Book Cosimo Monteleone; Kim Williams (2023)
Daniele Barbaro and the University of Padova: Architecture, Art and Science on the Occasion of the 450th Anniversary of His Death. (/isis/citation/CBB942234104/) unapi

Article Koen Vermeir (2023)
Education and the Cultivation of the Early Modern Self: Cultura Animi as Self-Care in Juan Luis Vives. Early Science and Medicine: A Journal for the Study of Science, Technology and Medicine in the Pre-modern Period (pp. 63-94). (/isis/citation/CBB587702776/) unapi

Article Allyson Ropp (2023)
Cultural Intertidal and Riverine Education: Using Field Schools to Incorporate Climate Change into Historical Archaeological Research. Historical Archaeology (pp. 532-549). (/isis/citation/CBB123319946/) unapi

Article Mary Augusta Brazelton (2023)
Aviation infrastructures in the Republic of China, 1920–37. History of Science (pp. 102-120). (/isis/citation/CBB006380109/) unapi

Article Elizabeth Marie Watts (2023)
Lessons Learned beyond the Controversy: How an Examination of Ernst Haeckel’s Work Can Be Applied to Modern Science Education and Communication Practice. Acta Historica Leopoldina (pp. 149-164). (/isis/citation/CBB940229614/) unapi

Article Èric Gómez-i-Aznar (2023)
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam: Numeracy levels in the Guarani Jesuit missions. Economic History Review (pp. 87-117). (/isis/citation/CBB762084715/) unapi

Article Wladimir Barbosa da Silva; Maria Renilda Barreto (2023)
André Rebouças Beyond the Atlantic: The Racism and Sociability Network of a Black Nineteenth-Century Engineer. HOST: Journal of History of Science and Technology (pp. 61-80). (/isis/citation/CBB327517774/) unapi

Article Ewout Frankema; Marlous van Waijenburg (2023)
What about the race between education and technology in the Global South? Comparing skill premiums in colonial Africa and Asia. Economic History Review (pp. 941-978). (/isis/citation/CBB579182681/) unapi

Article Peter Heering (2023)
Transformations: the material representation of historical experiments in science teaching. British Journal for the History of Science (pp. 351-368). (/isis/citation/CBB566365082/) unapi

Thesis Jeffrey T. Maddock (2023)
Engineering the Body, Mind, and Soul: Engineering's Endurance in a Technoscientific Society and the Creation of New Entities Through Power/Knowledge Assemblages and Practical Scientific Technologies in Education. (/isis/citation/CBB062821458/) unapi

Book David Salomoni (2023)
La lezione di geografia. Scuola, religione, scienza nell'età delle esplorazioni (1400-1800). (/isis/citation/CBB248373698/) unapi

Book Lucia Amadei; Gianni Bedini; Simonetta Maccioni; et al. (2023)
Botanica illustrata nell'Ottocento. Le grandi tavole didattiche e il catalogo manoscritto di Pietro Savi. (/isis/citation/CBB911087677/) unapi


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